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12 Aussie Snacks We All Love to Enjoy

12 Aussie Snacks We All Love to Enjoy

How lucky are we to live in Australia? We have the best weather imaginable all year round. Our rich red earth is breathtaking and have you stopped to appreciate our beautiful crystal-clear waters? We are so fortunate to have so much on our doorstep that we have no need to go anywhere else! Oh, and did I mention our incredible wildlife?

Australia is the country that keeps on giving. We also have the freshest foods to taste and enjoy. Also, our snacks are some of the best in the world. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of our favourite classics.

  1. Cheezels

Who doesn’t love Cheezels? And, who puts these yummy treats onto each of their fingers before eating them all off one by one? If someone you know doesn’t eat their Cheezels like this, they’re not to be trusted!

  1. Iced Vovo

So jammy and so coconutty – these sweet biscuits are such an iconic Aussie snack. Just writing this is making my tummy rumble!

  1. Tim Tams

Tim Tams are the most amazing malted chocolate biscuit sandwiches separated by the most beautiful chocolate cream filling then coated in chocolate. These are the stuff that dreams are made of!

  1. Minties

Remember these? These sticky Minties are a bit of a nightmare for your teeth but persevering with them is well worth it!

  1. Drumstick

If you love an ice cream cone, then the Aussie-made Drumstick won’t disappoint. And that chocolate tip at the end is the best ever!

  1. Violet Crumble

If you love honeycomb, then you’ll no doubt be craving a Violet Crumble. Smothered in not one but two layers of creamy chocolate, this bar is amazing!

  1. Fantales

They might be chewy but Fantales are the tastiest bite-sized chocolate caramels. They’re not just yummy though, they’re educational too as the wrappers are printed with various random celebrity facts!

  1. Caramello Koala

Australia’s national animal created in caramel-filled chocolate – delicious!

  1. Mango

Just to give you a break from all that refined sugar, we just had to put a plump Aussie mango on the list. They might be so juicy that the mess gets everywhere but we love ‘em!

  1. Samboy chips

Okay, so we’ve had our healthy fruit break and now it’s on to more of the good stuff! All Aussies love their Atomic Tomato Samboy chips that are available online and in independent supermarkets.

  1. Arnott’s Shapes

Arnott’s Shapes have been enduringly popular for over 60 years. Eat just one of these yummy savoury biscuits and you won’t be able to stop!

  1. Crackers with Vegemite and Butter (aka Vegemite Worms)

Vegemite Worms are arguably one of the most amazing snacks ever invented. Just get a couple of crackers then slick on a generous layer of butter and Vegemite. Stick another cracker on top and give the sandwich a good squeeze until the Vegemite buttery worms ooze through the holes in the crackers. Awesome!

There are so many other amazing Aussie snacks as well as international ones to choose from in our online store. We have Starburst lollies, Jolly Rancher candy, popping candy, chocolate bars, sugar-free chocolate, Australian chocolate and more. At Joy’s De’lights you’re truly spoiled for choice!

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