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"Sweet Surprise"

I am so excited about the new item that has been launched to our website. I call it a "Sweet Surprise". I cannot give to much away as our first one is being sent out at the end of August! I got the idea from Bella Box and Loot Crate. (Link) I thought how awesome would it be for my customers to be able to purchase a box of goodies each month without knowing what's inside? It will be like a true surprise arriving at your door step! For just $25 you will receive a box of goodies suited to the monthly theme. Obviously each box will have the same items so there is no need to purchase more then one - unless your a HUGE Joy's De'Lights fan ;-) Each month I will work hard to find at least 2 items that are super exclusive and either cannot be found in shops or can only be purchased in other countries. I didn't want to give anything away for this month but The August "Sweet Surprise" will include Bertie Beetles!! 20140808-224500-81900792.jpg For the first couple of months I will only have 40 available to purchase, just until we can grow the concept a little. All of the details are on the website, I give until the 28th of each month to purchase one. This is to give people time to either save up for one or to decide whether or not they want to purchase one. I cannot wait to send out the first lot of Sweet Surprises! Only 2 weeks until the "Chocoholic" box is sent out - Yay!

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  • Tara Zuber
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