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Childhood Favs


I LOVE Kid's Shows, if you couldn't tell already? I feel as though a lot of my childhood is a daze and I can't remember TV shows that I used to watch. One show that does stand out to me though was The

Man, I loved that show! I don't know whether it was the fact of it being far into the future that excited me as a child or whether it was just the characters? It's definitely one I remember watching frequently though. I honestly cannot think of many cartoons that I used to watch. Oh wait! Tom and Jerry, yes! I loved that show and I still do in fact, I caught a glimpse of it on TV the other day but nothing beats the old school version (of anything really!).

[caption id="attachment_206" align="alignnone" width="228"]download Tom and Jerry[/caption]

Speaking of shows that just aren't the same..I am disgusted by Banana's in Pyjamas. This show premiered in 1992 (1 year after I was born) so I grew up watching it. I wonder how the ratings would change if the younger generation today watched the "new"Banana's in Pyjamas compared to the Original would rate. I bet, ratings would be higher if they were to watch the original. How awesome was it to watch REAL LIFE Banana's and a REAL life sized Rat? (or so I thought when I was little).

[caption id="attachment_207" align="aligncenter" width="229"]CGI has taken over Banana's in Pyjamas CGI has taken over Banana's in Pyjamas, changed in 2011[/caption] [caption id="attachment_208" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Original Banana's in Pyjamas Original Banana's in Pyjamas[/caption]

One more that comes to mind is Johnson and Friends, this show was so much fun! Now, after talking about Banana's in Pyjamas it made me think whether they still play Johnson and Friends and if so, have the converted to CGI? I did some research and thanks to Wikipedia I was able to find some information. The show premiered in 1990 with seasons running through to 1995. The show was last aired in 2002. Did you watch this show? (comment below)


Thinking, thinking...maybe you guys could refresh my brain? What TV shows did you LOVE to watch as a kid? (Comment below)

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  • Tara Zuber
Comments 2
  • Jess Broadbent
    Jess Broadbent

    I am lucky enough to have a sister 11 years younger than I am, so I got to watch a lot of kid’s shows, even when I was supposed to be too old for them!
    Of course, Play School was my favourite as a little kid- John, Noni and Benita were my favourites.
    I also loved British cartoons, like Super Ted, Danger Mouse and another show that I can’t remember the name of, but it was about broken toys in a factory. And all the BBC shows, but my favourite was a series about a girl who was sucked into a different land, and had to fight a witch called T Bag, with a young boy who was kind of her helper, but who also helped the young girl sometimes too. He was called T-Shirt, and the young girl changed each series. That was so fun.
    And American shows! Sesame Street, Widget. Um, how odd, I can’t remember anything else!
    Some kid’s shows now are great, I love Arthur & Friends and Charlie and Lola- both based on books, which I don’t think is a coincidence!

  • Ella

    Well I am still kind of a kid I’m 12 but when I was a little little kid I loved the show the fairies

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