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Jolly Rancher Candies – A Flavour Explosion!

Jolly Rancher Candies – A Flavour Explosion!

There’s no candy as bold and fruity as Jolly Rancher candy! These old school candies never go out of fashion. Whether you grew up eating them or you’re a recent convert, Jolly Ranchers are just the thing for satiating your sweet cravings. Jolly Rancher is an American brand of hard candy with a long history. So, let’s find out a little something about the background of these lollies.

The History of Jolly Rancher Candy

Bill and Dorothy Harmsen created the Jolly Rancher Company way back in 1949. They settled on the Jolly Rancher name to create the feeling of an approachable and down-to-earth Western company. Initially, they sold candy, ice cream and chocolate throughout Denver, Colorado. However, they soon discovered that customers weren’t keen on buying ice cream when the weather was cold. So, the company decided to focus on their hard candies that were popular all year round. Thank goodness they did that or the world may have been deprived of Jolly Ranchers and that would NOT be a good thing! 

So Many Yummy Flavours!

Originally, Jolly Ranchers came in Fire Stix, apple and watermelon flavours. They soon introduced sour apple, orange tangerine, cherry, peach lemon, watermelon and grape into the mix with blue raspberry eventually replacing lemon. Nowadays, there are all sorts of flavours to choose from so there’s always something for everyone.

Hershey’s Acquire the Company

Hershey’s acquired Jolly Rancher Candy in 1996. To this day the brand has grown to become the worldwide sensation it is today. So many amazing flavours!

How is Jolly Rancher Candy Made?

You’re probably wondering how Jolly Ranchers are made. What happens is that a mixture of boiled glucose or fructose syrup, corn syrup and sucrose is cooled. As this happens, all the colours and flavourings are added. Later, each individual batch of the mixture has malic acid added to enhance the taste and improve shelf life. Then, when it begins to cool, the mixture is pulled into long pliable strings that are cut to size, wrapped and packaged up to go!

Having Fun With Jolly Ranchers

Everyone looks forward to eating Jolly Ranchers. They’re such a treat for the senses. You may try to eat just a few but it never really quite works out like that. However, if you have some Jolly Ranchers at home and you feel like getting creative, there are so many things you can try. Kids love using these lollies to make all sorts of artistic creations. For example, how about making their own stained-glass window cookies? All they need to do is to make holes in their cookie mixture, place some Jolly Ranchers inside and put them in the oven! These also are great for incorporating into gingerbread houses to make them look extra special and inviting. Edible windows! If only all windows were Jolly Rancher ones.

Another fun thing to do with these sweet treats is to use them to make sun catchers. Of course, after you spray them with a sealer, they won’t be edible but we’re sure you’ll have eaten quite enough by then. (Maybe!)

If this blog has made your mouth water, what are you waiting for? Buy some Jolly Rancher Candy online from us today!

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