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Just Why Do We Love Sweet Things So Much?

Just Why Do We Love Sweet Things So Much?

Sweet treats are something that the majority of us look forward to having. Of course, there are some individuals who just don’t really like sugary things however if you’re here reading this then we think you probably love lollies (or at least know someone who does!) Those of us who enjoy some sweetness tend to prefer this across all manner of different foods and beverages. It makes you wonder; just why do some people adore lollies so much?

Interestingly, the human sense of taste is unlike any other. There’s scientific data that seems to support that as many as half of all people have a sweet tooth. We are actually born with already established tastes with the enjoyment of sweet food being hereditary in part. Who knew?!

When you enjoy eating something sweet such as Starburst lollies, Jolly Rancher candy, hard candy etc, your brain releases dopamine that’s associated with reward. Additionally, sugar consumption gives us a pleasure rush that’s difficult to find anywhere else.

Our tongues can detect four basic types of flavour – sweet, sour, bitter and salty. It’s argued that us people are naturally drawn to sweet things because our ancestors were primates that ate tree fruits. When you think about it, this makes sense. Apes and monkeys spend their time searching through forests for ripe fruit. This ripe fruit is far better on an energy level due to it having a higher sugar content than bitter, unripe fruit. Also, ripe fruit contains more water so it’s hydrating too.

Humans domesticated sugar cane, spreading it throughout the world near and far. Then people discovered how to extract the sugar from corn and beets and so it became easier and easier to get our hands on as much sweet stuff as we wanted!

Bear in mind also that in terms of our evolution, human survival depends on being able to get energy from our food. A huge source of our energy is carbs that include, yes, you’ve guessed it, sugars. So, to heighten our levels of energy, our yearning for sweet foods increases.

 The bottom line

Our food preferences aren’t solely related to flavour. Cultural aspects, past experiences, visual cues and smells all influence what we like to eat. Enjoying a wide variety of tastes is crucial in terms of having a healthy well-trained palate. A little treat now and then is something that we all look forward to and deserve.

Here, at Joy’s De’lights we have so many amazing lollies and products from all over the world for you to sample. Whether you’re searching for European candy online, New Zealand candy or anything else, we have a wide array of treats to suit all tastes and palates! So, no matter what amazing lolly is calling your name, now you know a little more about why you love the tastes that you do.

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