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Get Free Shipping on all orders over $100 & under 5kg
Supporting Our Economy By Buying Australian Made Chocolate

Supporting Our Economy By Buying Australian Made Chocolate

We all love a bar of chocolate. It helps the body to generate the happiness hormone serotonin that can prevent depression, regulate our moods and can even stop mood swings. Buying Australian chocolate is certainly something that we should all be doing more of. Every one of us needs to be doing our bit to support the local economy as well as our fellow citizens. One negative aspect that tends to put people off from buying Australian goods is that people always think that they’re too expensive. It’s true that you can buy low priced imported chocolate that will be cheaper but of lesser quality. However, if you want something that tastes great and is packed with only the best ingredients, Aussie-made can’t be beaten!

There’s so much work that goes into making quality Australian chocolate bars. As Australians, we are lucky to enjoy the highest wages in the world. So, if you want to buy Australian-made chocs that are handmade, it takes intensive Australian labour to create them. It’s true that the minimum casual wage here is as many as 91 times higher than in certain developing countries.

Often with Aussie handmade chocolate, the actual labour costs are more than half the cost of the end product. Then, you need to take into account the Australian labour costs to pack, sell and promote the goods. You also need to think about the freight company charges. It all adds up. 

Quality Chocolate

You may be thinking to yourself as you read this that you don’t ever buy cheap chocolate. However, did you know that even the bigger brands such as Cadbury use cheaper quality ingredients? Additionally, all their bars are machine-made, so labour costs are kept to a minimum. Also, if you’re in the habit of buying Belgian chocolate, being Belgian doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better quality.

Supporting Australian Businesses

It’s impossible for small Australian chocolate businesses to compete with the big chains. They’d end up bankrupt in no time. It’s a fact that many small business owners actually earn less than their staff and need to reinvest their money back into their company. If these enterprises had more support from consumers who are willing to pay what the chocolates are actually worth, it’d be a different story altogether.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if us Aussies aren’t willing to pay for Australian-made products, who else will? Yes, it’s prudent to save money and to be financially cautious. However, do keep in mind that Aussie sugar-free chocolate and full-sugar chocolate businesses depend on your patronage to stay afloat. Every single transaction is so important to them. So, when you are deciding where to spend your money, try to shop local every now and then.

Supporting Australian chocolate businesses helps to build successful and strong communities. Our Aussie chocolatiers are one-of-a-kind businesses with distinctive characters and products. They create jobs for local people fuelling prosperity. So, the next time you feel like buying a bar of chocolate, choose Australian made and enjoy the amazing quality that goes into creating every last bite!


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