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Why We Crave Crunchy Snacks

Why We Crave Crunchy Snacks

We all crave crunchy snacks like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and chips every now and then. They’re tasty and they’re handy to have in the kitchen when we feel like a bite. Have you ever wondered why you crave something crunchy though? You know those times where a soft sandwich will never do and all you want to enjoy is that satisfying crispiness in your mouth? In this blog, we take a look at a little bit of the science behind why we love crunchy and loud foods.

A sensory experience

People just love the sensory experience of eating noisy, crunchy snacks. As we’re demolishing them, the sound brings us feelings of satisfaction. When we hear it, we just want to eat more. However, if you’re on the receiving end of listening to someone else loudly crunching, it can be pretty annoying. So, crunching is a very personal thing!

Fresher food is good food

Interestingly, babies aren’t born enjoying noisy food. There are no benefits to the sounds a food makes as we’re eating them in terms of nutrition. Having said that, it’s true that noisy foods tend to make us feel that they are fresh. Think about it, whenever you’ve eaten a soggy or even slightly less crunchy chip, its likely that you’ve not enjoyed it or thrown the bag away. Even thinking about fresh produce, such as celery or apples, the better the crunch, the fresher it is and the more nutrients and vitamins it contains.

Noisier foods tend to be fattier

Another school of thought when it comes to crunchy American snacks, Japanese snacks and more is that our brains enjoy the fat in food and that noisy foods tend to be fattier. We always enjoy a little something that we know might not be great for us in huge amounts, especially when it’s flavour-laden!

In tune with our ancestors

Something else that probably contributes to our love of the crunch is perhaps not very appetising to us modern folks, but it certainly was to early man. Our ancestors often snacked on crunchy insects to get their nutrients. We’re so glad that we don’t need to do that nowadays!

Sound affects our experience

When we eat a crunchy snack, the actual sound makes us think about what we’re eating in a way that something silent doesn’t. Even just hearing the sound of chips rattling in a bag gets our salivary glands going. We’re already anticipating how tasty and flavourful our snack is going to be from the very first second we pick up the pack. (This is making us really hungry!)

If you’re feeling hungry for something crunchy now too, at least now you know more about why you are! At Joy’s De’Lights we have oodles of crunchy snacks from all over the world to enjoy. From USA foods to British sweets online and everything else in between – there’s so much to choose from when you’re on the lookout for your next flavour-packed crunch!

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