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Looking to buy chocolate online?  We have the biggest range of chocolate products from around the worlds. We have Australian chocolate, uk chocolate, american chocolate, new zealands chocolate and even Japanese chocolated. Whether it is milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate or something else, we can sort out your chocolate fix at Joy's Delights.

Chocolate Delivered Australia Wide!

Our online chocolate shop delivers Chocolate Australia-wide! - Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth. Check out our massive chocolate range below! 

  • Reeses Puffs 326g

    Reeses Puffs 326g


    BUY RESSES PUFFS AUSTRALIA Hershey's Cocoa & Reese's Peanut Butter sweet and crunchy corn puffs. This cereal contains 11g whole grain per serv...

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  • Coconut Rough

    Coconut Rough

    from $4.50

    BUY COCONUT ROUGH AUSTRALIA Shredded coconut coated with milk chocolate! YUM! Please select your desired quantity! COCONUT ROUGH INGREDIENTS: Milk...

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  • Cadbury Fudge Bar

    Cadbury Fudge Bar


    A delicious caramel fudge covered in chocolate! What could be better?! 25.5g bar. Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, palm oil, skimmed milk powder,...

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  • Chocolate Pretzel

    Chocolate Pretzel

    from $3.50

    A delicious salty pretzel covered in milk chocolate! Salty and sweet, the BEST flavour combination ever invented!   

  • Reeses Mini Cups 150g

    Reese's Mini Cups 150g


    Not everyone is into a normal sized peanut butter cup. Reese's heard and decided something must be done. They hired a group of Leprechauns to come...

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  • Whittakers Caramelised White Chocolate

    Whittakers Caramelised White Chocolate


    Mouth watering white chocolate caramelised to deep deliciousness, with the richness of buttermilk produced in lush West Coast pastures. Some say t...

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  • British Mystery Pack

    British Mystery Pack


    By purchasing this pack, you will receive a selection of our top-selling British sweets. Your pack will have at least 4 items, what a deal! Each p...

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  • Cadbury Chocolate Fish
    Sold out

    Cadbury Chocolate Fish


    Cadbury’s Chocolate Fish bar is a delicious chocolate bar with strawberry marshmallow filling, covered in rich dark chocolate and shaped like a cut...

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  • Whittakers Jelly Tip Chocolate

    Whittakers Jelly Tip Chocolate


      Raspberry flavoured jelly in white & milk chocolate 250g  

  • Hershey's Cookies & Creme Drops
    Save 33%

    Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme Drops 59g

    Original price $4.50
    Current price $3.00

    BEST BEFORE: 30/04/2020 Usually, we'd say "a little drop goes a long way," but we can't get enough of these Hershey's Cookies and Creme chocolate ...

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  • Hostess Ho Hos Single
    Sold out

    Hostess Ho Hos Single


    Similar to a Swiss Cake Roll, Hostess Ho Hos are one of our favourite American snacks! What's better than moist chocolate cake and sweet cream swir...

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  • Reeses Nutrageous

    Reeses Nutrageous


    BEST BEFORE: 30/06/2020 Reeses Nutrageous Bars is a peanut butter bar with caramel and whole peanuts. 47g bar Ingredients: Peanuts, Milk Chocolat...

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  • Wispa



    A chocolate bar so quiet that not even a hungry child could hear you take a bite. Delicious, creamy milk chocolate surrounding aerated chocolate wi...

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  • Nestle Rolo

    Nestle Rolo


    YOLO so ROLO!  Runny, gooey caramel inside a disc of creamy milk chocolate.  52g roll with approximately 10 chocolates in each.  Ingredients: Gluc...

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  • M&Ms Dark Choc Mint

    M&M's Dark Choc Mint


    Now you can enjoy the same delicious M&M’s but with a mint flavoured dark chocolate inside. They’re sure to give you a rich and satisfying tas...

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  • Lucky Charms Chocolate

    Lucky Charms Chocolate


    BEST BEFORE: 23/06/2020 Chocolate Flavour Whole Grain Cereal with Marshmallows Ingredients: Whole Grain Corn 46%**, Sugar, Corn Meal**, Modified C...

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  • Harry Potter Chocolate Frog

    Harry Potter Chocolate Frog


    Harry Potter fans will love this delicious milk chocolate frog with crisped rice. Each one comes with a collectible wizard card. There are 16 card...

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  • Whittaker's Hokey Pokey

    Whittaker's Hokey Pokey


    You put the left piece in, you leave the left piece in. You put the right piece in, you leave the right piece in and you chew it all about. Delicio...

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  • Reeses Pieces

    Reeses Pieces 43g


    Peanut Butter Candy in a crunchy shell.  When you need a handful of peanut buttery happiness, reach for REESE'S PIECES Candies. They're the seriou...

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  • Chips Ahoy Cereal

    Chips Ahoy Cereal 340g


    BEST BEFORE 30/07/2020 What better way is there to start your day than with COOKIES?! This delicious cereal allows you to start your day on a sweet...

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  • Pop Tarts Choc Chip

    Pop Tarts Choc Chip


    A pop tart filled with gooey chocolate sauce, surrounded by a choc chip-filled crust and lightely coated in cream chocolate frosting. Waking up is ...

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  • Chocolate Raspberry Bullets

    Chocolate Raspberry Bullets

    from $3.00

    Bite size pieces of raspberry licorice coated with milk chocolate. Milk Chocolate Raspberry Bullets are for those who like their bullets sweet.  I...

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  • Milkyway Crispy Rolls

    Milkyway Crispy Rolls


    BEST BEFORE: 03/08/2020 Milk chocolate covered wafer biscuit fingers with a lightly whipped filling  PLEASE NOTE: This item may be nearing or past...

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  • New Zealand Mystery Pack

    New Zealand Mystery Pack


    By purchasing this pack you will receive a selection of our top selling New Zealand items.  Please note that we make these in batches so if you or...

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