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Fizzy and Sherbet

  • Dip Dab 23g

    Dip Dab 23g

    Lemon flavour sherbet dip with a strawberry flavour lolly! Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Cornflour, Sodium Bicarbonate, Acids (Citric Acid, Ta...

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  • TNT Watermelon Sour Straps
    from $3.00

    TNT Watermelon Sour Straps

    This is a 1.4kg tub.

  • Zombie Chews Sour Strawberry

    Zombie Chews Sour Strawberry

    A sour/tangy chewy candy with a sherbet like filling Ingredients: Glucose Syrup from Corn, Cane Sugar, Glucose Powder from Corn, Hydrogenated Veget...

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  • Flying Saucers
    from $2.50

    Flying Saucers

    Buy Flying Saucers Australia Flying Saucers are a classic treat. Inside each brightly coloured wafer is a fun sherbet-y surprise. Buy Flying Sauce...

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  • Tilleys Sugared Rosey Apples
  • Pop Rocks Tutti Frutti Bubblegum 7g

    Pop Rocks Tutti Frutti Bubblegum 7g

    Buy Pop Rocks Tutti Frutti Bubblegum Australia Kids love 'em. So do grownups, so make sure you have enough for everyone. These Pop Rocks fizz when ...

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  • Trolli Peach Rings
  • Fantasy Straps
    from $2.80

    Fantasy Straps

    Buy Fantasy Straps Australia These SUPER sour belts from candy legend Fini are not messing around! See how many you can handle eating at once befor...

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  • Swizzels Giant Fizzers
  • Double Dip

    Double Dip

    Buy Double Dip Australia A sachet of orange and cherry flavoured sherbet with a sugar swizzlestick for dunking! Get your sugar fix with Double Dip...

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  • Rowntree's Jelly Tots Pouch 150g

    Rowntree's Jelly Tots Pouch 150g

    BEST BEFORE 30/06/2021 Fruit Flavoured Jelly Sweets.  150g packet.  Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Starch, Acids (Malic, Citric, Lactic), Con...

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  • Jelly Tots 42g

    Jelly Tots 42g

    BUY JELLY TOTS AUSTRALIA BEST BEFORE 30/06/2021 Fruit Flavoured Jelly Sweets.  42g packet with approximately 21 pieces inside.  JELLY TOTS INGREDIE...

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  • Mega Sour Cherries
    from $3.95

    Mega Sour Cherries

    Buy Mega Sour Cherries Australia Are sour candies never quite sour enough for you?! Do you LOVE that lip-puckering, tear-inducing feeling of a sou...

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  • Fizzy Strawberries
  • Jolly Rancher Sour Surge 184g

    Jolly Rancher Sour Surge 184g

    Your favourite hard candy, now with a sour powdery centre!!! 184g packet.  Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Malic Acid, Contains 2% or less of Natu...

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  • Airheads Mystery

    Airheads Mystery

    Buy Airheads Mystery Australia Airheads Mystery Flavour are chewy, tangy confection... similar to a Zombie Chew or Wicked Fizz! You won't be able t...

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  • Pop Rocks Cotton Candy

    Pop Rocks Cotton Candy

    Cotton Candy Flavoured Ingredients:  Sugar, lactose (milk, sugar), corn syrup, artificial flavor, artificial colors (Red #40, Blue #1)

  • Pop Rocks Cotton Candy Bulk

    Pop Rocks Cotton Candy Bulk

    This contains 24 packets.

  • Fruit Pastilles Pouch

    Fruit Pastilles Pouch

    BEST BEFORE 30/06/2021

  • Fizzy Peaches
    from $1.50

    Fizzy Peaches

    These are made by Kingsway.

  • Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles
  • TNT Mega Sour Popping Candy Dip

    TNT Mega Sour Popping Candy Dip

    **This is for one packet and comes with all 3 flavours.

  • Fabulicious Sherbet Fizz

    Fabulicious Sherbet Fizz

    Just when you thought raspberry licorice was already pretty awesome, Wonka fills it with sherbet! Every bite is a fizzy, fuzzy tingly time!

  • Cry Baby Dip N Lick Single

    Cry Baby Dip N Lick Single 32g

    Cry Baby Dip N Lick A great kids novelty, comes in Strawberry, Grape or Blueberry Flavours. Ingredients Candy: Glucose syrup, sugar, lactic aci...

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