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Hard Lollies

Hard Lollies Online

Hard Lollies Delivered Australia Wide!

Delicious Hard Lollies available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth. Check out our Hard Lollies products below! 

  • Watermelon Rock

    Watermelon Rock

    from $1.50

    Classic hard boiled Rock candy. A favorite in all of Australia

  • Fini Unicorn Balls

    Fini Unicorn Balls


    Sour Unicorn Balls are a caramelo candy with a sour coating on the outside and a sherbet filling.... Yum! Gluten Free 

  • Giant Gobstoppers

    Giant Gobstoppers

    from $1.50

    Each Gobstopper weighs about 55g.

  • Sugar Free Aniseed

    Sugar Free Aniseed Humbugs

    from $3.95

    These are made by Walkers Candy.

  • Sugar Free Watermelon Humbugs
  • Sugar Free Peppermint
  • Scorpion Sucker Lollipop

    Scorpion Sucker Lollipop


    This is a REAL insect!! Do you dare to try it?  **This is for one lollipop. You will be given a random flavour. Made by Hotlix 31g

  • Sugar Free Fruit Salad Humbugs
  • Sugar Free Coffee Humbugs
  • Passionfruit Humbugs
  • Sugared Spinning Top Lollipop Single

    Sugared Spinning Top Lollipop Single


    ** This is for one lollipop

  • Butterscotch Humbugs

    Butterscotch Humbugs

    from $2.80

    BEST BEFORE: 06/08/2020

  • Globestopper


    from $8.95

    These weigh around 360g.

  • Barley Sugar

    Barley Sugar

    from $2.80

    BUY BARLEY SUGAR AUSTRALIA BEST BEFORE 15/08/2020  A traditional variety of boiled sweet which is usually made with an extract of barley, giving it...

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  • Tequila Worm Sucker Lollipop

    Tequila Worm Sucker Lollipop


    This is a REAL insect!! Do you dare to try it?  **This is for one lollipop.  Made by Hotlix

  • Sugar Free Lavender Humbugs
  • Scorpion Brittle

    Scorpion Brittle


    This is a REAL insect!! Do you dare to try it?  Made by Hotlix 35g

  • Grape Humbugs

    Grape Humbugs

    from $2.80

  • Cricket Sucker Lollipop

    Cricket Sucker Lollipop


    This is a REAL insect!!! Will you dare to try it?  ***This is for one lollipop, you will be given a random flavour.  Made by Hotlix

  • Orange Passionfruit Humbugs

    Orange Passionfruit Humbugs

    from $2.80

    Made by Walkers Candy.

  • Vimto Lollipop
  • Jalapeno Chile Lollipop
  • Eucolyptus & Honey Humbugs

    Eucolyptus & Honey Humbugs

    from $2.80

    BEST BEFORE FOR 100G & 500G: 04/09/2020 Shape of humbug may vary.

  • Habanero Chile Lollipop
  • Cavendish & Harvey Butterscotch Drops Tin
  • Cavendish & Harvey Liquorice Drops Tin
  • Cavendish & Harvey Clear Mint Drops Tin