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Hard Lollies

Hard Lollies Online

Hard Lollies Delivered Australia Wide!

Delicious Hard Lollies available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth. Check out our Hard Lollies products below! 

  • Jolly Rancher Hard Candy 198g

    Jolly Rancher Hard Candy (198g)


    Buy Jolly Ranchers Australia When will our friend the Jolly Rancher stop making delicious candy? Never! This particular selection is an array of fa...

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  • Assorted Rock Candy
    Sold out

    Assorted Rock Candy

    from $1.50

    Rock candy is a classic, hard boiled treat enjoyed by people all over Australia! This assortment includes multiple flavours so you can get a sample...

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  • Watermelon Rock

    Watermelon Rock

    from $1.50

    Classic hard boiled Rock candy. A favorite in all of Australia

  • Ring Pop

    Ring Pop


    BUY RING POP AUSTRALIA Colour and flavour may vary. Mixed Flavours. Wearable Candy! RING POP INGREDIENTS Sugar, corn syrup, buffered lactic acid, a...

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  • Fini Unicorn Balls

    Fini Unicorn Balls


    Sour Unicorn Balls are a caramelo candy with a sour coating on the outside and a sherbet filling.... Yum! Gluten Free 

  • Mini Musks
    Sold out

    Mini Musks

    from $2.90

    Please select your desired quantity Small, tasty & stylish Pink mini musks are great tasting and right for any event. Ingredients: sugar, gluco...

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  • Walkers Original Toffee
    Sold out

    Walkers Original Toffee


    Whack, Unwrap then Enjoy England's Finest Toffee  

  • Toffee Apple Humbugs

    Toffee Apple Humbugs

    from $2.80

    These are from Walkers Candy.

  • Giant Gobstoppers

    Giant Gobstoppers

    from $1.50

    Each Gobstopper weighs about 55g.

  • Inch Licorice

    Inch Licorice


    These hard, tasty licorice blocks are a classic for a reason! Try one today.  

  • Walkers Treacle Toffee

    Walkers Treacle Toffee


    Treacle Toffee in a 100g bar. Whack THEN unwrap and enjoy.

  • Wonka Gobstopper Everlasting Theatre

    Wonka Gobstopper Everlasting Theatre


    This is a 141g box.  

  • Push Pop

    Push Pop


    BUY PUSH POP AUSTRALIA This is for 1 item. Push Pop is an American brand of fruit-flavored lollipops. It debuted in 1986 and comes in many flavors....

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  • Warheads Hangsell 28g Bag

    Warheads Hangsell 28g Bag


    Assorted Flavours: Black Cherry, Lemon, Green Apple, Watermelon & Blue Raspberry.  28g bag.  Ingredients: Corn Glucose Syrup, Food Acids (296, ...

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  • Pee Wees

    Pee Wees

    from $2.80

    BUY PEE WEES AUSTRALIA These small pillows of assorted mixed boiled candy are Australian Made. These are made by Walkers Candy. PEE WEES INGREDIENT...

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  • Strawberries & Cream Humbugs

    Strawberries & Cream Humbugs

    from $2.80

    These are made by Walkers Candy.

  • Sweetarts
    Save 60%


    Original price $2.50
    Current price $1.00

    BEST BEFORE: 30/04/2020 Flavours: Blue Punch, Cherry, Grape, Lemon & Green Apple.  51g packet.  Ingredients: Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Malic Aci...

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  • Walkers Liquorice Toffee

    Walkers Liquorice Toffee


    Liquorice Toffee in a 100g bar. Whack THEN unwrap and enjoy. Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Vegetable Oil, Black Trea...

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  • Jolly Rancher Lollipop Single

    Jolly Rancher Lollipop Single


    **This is for one lollipop.  

  • Aniseed Balls Black 100g

    Aniseed Balls Black

    from $2.95

    Made using traditional methods starting with a single grain of sugar and a delicious aniseed flavour. Ingredients: Sugar, Aniseed Oil, Colours (12...

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  • Walkers Brazil Nut Toffee
  • Jolly Rancher 2.2KG bag

    Jolly Rancher 2.2kg bag


    This GIANT bag of Jolly Ranchers is any hard candy fan's dream! With five varieties (green apple, grape, blue raspberry, cherry, and watermelon) in...

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  • Sugar Free Aniseed

    Sugar Free Aniseed Humbugs

    from $3.95

    These are made by Walkers Candy.

  • Strawberry Rock Candy
  • Jolly Rancher Hard Candy Fruit n Sour

    Jolly Rancher Hard Candy Fruit n Sour


    A sucking good time! A fruity, tangy, sour taste journey. Flavours: Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Cherry, Wild Strawberry & Watermelon.  184g p...

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  • Passionfruit Rock Candy
  • Crickettes



    These are REAL insect!!! Will you dare to try it?  ***This is for one packet, you will be given a random flavour. They come in Salt & Vinegar,...

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  • Sugar Free Watermelon Humbugs
  • Hot or Wot Chilli Strawberries 100g

    Hot or Wot Chilli Strawberries

    from $2.50

    BEST BEFORE 28/02/2020 These chilli coated, strawberry flavoured hard candies have a flamin' hot chili centre! Warning: these Hot or Wot Chilli St...

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  • Sugar Free Strawberry Humbugs
  • Warheads Juniors

    Warheads Juniors


    Flavours: Black Cherry, Green Apple, Lemon, Watermelon & Blue Raspberry.  49g packet.  Ingredients: Corn, glucose syrup, sugar, food acids (29...

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  • Blueberry Rock

    Blueberry Rock

    from $1.50

  • Jolly Rancher Sugar Free 102g

    Jolly Rancher Sugar Free 102g


     Sugar Free Hard Candy will make any day sweeter. Enjoy the bold flavours you love without the sugar! Flavours include apple, raspberry, watermelo...

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