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Lolly Ninja's Top Picks

Top Pick Chocolate and Lollies Online

Want to know what our workers Love eating all Day long...

Here are the top picks!

Top Pick Candy Delivered Australia Wide!

From ex employees to new, see what we have loved eating over the years. Some top picks from one of your favourite YouTuber's; Michael Finch who used to be one of our employees.

  • Worm Sucker Lollipop

    Worm Sucker Lollipop


    This is a REAL insect!! Do you dare to try it?  **This is for one lollipop. You will be given a random flavour. Made by Hotlix

  • Allen's Chicos

    Allen's Chicos

    from $1.20

    BUY ALLEN'S CHICOS AUSTRALIA Allen's Chicos are a classic Australian lolly – these chocolate jelly babies will put a smile on everyone's face! ...

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  • Moro Chocolate Bar

    Moro Chocolate Bar


    A fistful of Caramel, Nougat and Cadbury Milk Chocolate Ingredients: Nougat (42%), Milk Chocolate (29%), Caramel (26%). Sugar, Wheat Glucose Syrup,...

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  • Starburst Original Jelly beans 397g
    Save 41%

    Starburst Original Jelly Beans 397g

    Original price $8.50
    Current price $5.00

    BUY STARBURST ORIGINAL JELLY BEANS AUSTRALIA Everybody's favourite fruit-flavored jellybeans with a chewy texture. Great fruit taste with real frui...

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  • Giant Gobstoppers

    Giant Gobstoppers

    from $1.50

    Each Gobstopper weighs about 55g.

  • Bon Bons Bubblegum

    Bon Bons Bubblegum

    from $3.00

    Bubblegum flavoured sweet, chewy candies that gives you a massive burst of flavour. The brand varies between Verquin & Kingsway.  Verquin Ingre...

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  • Australian Mystery Pack

    Australian Mystery Pack


    By purchasing this pack, you will receive a selection of our top-selling Australian items.  Each pack contains the same goodies, so if you order m...

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  • Jelly Belly Hogwarts Houses Crests 28g
    Save 46%

    Jelly Belly Hogwarts Houses Crests

    Original price $18.50
    Current price $10.00

    BEST BEFORE: 06/09/2020 From the world of Harry Potter. House crest stickers included. Milk Chocolate with Crisped Rice.  28g packet.  Ingredients:...

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  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch 362g

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch 362g


    BUY CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH AUSTRALIA An American classic, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the perfect sugary, cinnamon treat for any time of day! CINNAMON...

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  • Sour Straps KaBluey

    Sour Straps KaBluey

    from $3.00

     SOUR STRAPS KABLUEY AUSTRALIA These tutti frutti sour straps will tempt your taste buds.  SOUR STRAPS KABLUEY INGREDIENTS Sugar, Glucose-Fructose ...

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  • Doritos Cool Ranch 198g

    Doritos Cool Ranch 198g


    BEST BEFORE 31/12/2020 Cool Ranch Doritos will be an instant favourite at any party! These delicious tortilla chips are dusted with a zesty ranch p...

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  • Warhead Super Sour Bubblegum Lollipop Single

    Warhead Super Sour Bubblegum Lollipop Single


    Comes in Grape, Watermelon, Cherry, & Blue Raspberry Flavours.  You will be given a random flavour unless specified at notes, we will do our ve...

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  • Cadbury Buzz Bar

    Cadbury Buzz Bar


    BEST BEFORE 27/01/2021 This New Zealand classic is a favourite for good reason! With soft marshmallow and caramel on the inside and delicious, crea...

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  • Harry Potter Chocolate Frog

    Harry Potter Chocolate Frog


    Harry Potter fans will love this delicious milk chocolate frog with crisped rice. Each one comes with a collectible wizard card. There are 16 card...

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  • Pop Tarts Cookie Dough

    Pop Tarts Choc Chip Cookie Dough


    Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Frosted Chocolate Chip Cookie Doughy Toaster Pastries officially gives you an excuse to have a chocolate chip-covered cookie d...

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  • Big League Cotton Candy

    Big League Cotton Candy


    A whole lotta gum in every pouch! 60g packet.  Ingredients: Sugar, Gum Base, Corn Syrup, Glycerine, Artificial Flavours, Soy Lecithin, Aspartame-Ac...

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  • Milk Bottles

    Milk Bottles

    from $1.50

    BUY MILK BOTTLES AUSTRALIA These delicious lollies are great for a movie night, midnight snack and especially for lolly bags!  Brand varies between...

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  • Berries & Cream

    Berries & Cream

    from $1.50

    Buy Berries & Cream Australia Made by Allseps Australia.  Berries & Cream Ingredients Glucose syrup (40%) (wheat), sugar, starch (wheat), w...

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  • Fruit Berries

    Fruit Berries

    from $1.50

    Buy Fruit Berries Australia Made by Allseps Australia.  Fruit Berries Ingredients

  • Fruit Salad Mix

    Fruit Salad Mix

    from $1.50

    Buy Fruit Salad Mix Australia Made by Allseps Australia.  Fruit Salad Mix Ingredients

  • Allsep's Mixed Lollies

    Allsep's Mixed Lollies

    from $1.50

    Buy Allsep's Mixed Lollies Australia Made by Allseps Australia. 

  • Allsep's Wine Gums

    Allsep's Wine Gums

    from $1.50

    Buy Allsep's Wine Gums Australia Made by Allsep's Australia. 

  • Vegan Gummy Apples

    Vegan Gummy Apples

    from $1.80

    Buy Vegan Gummy Apples Australia Made by Allsep's Australia. 

  • Vegan Milk Bottles

    Vegan Milk Bottles

    from $1.80

    Buy Vegan Milk Bottles Australia Made by Allsep's Australia.