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How long will my order take to arrive?

We estimate an average of 3-5 business days to most locations. If you want an exact estimate, please check the Fastway and Australia Post website for a delivery estimate. Our shipping times are just a guideline so please contact Australia Post if you wish for an more accurate time of arrival. We are located in Perth. 

How do I use a discount voucher?

You can enter your discount code/voucher at checkout or whilst you are in your shopping cart

My order is taking longer to arrive then expected, why?

First of all it is best to check your tracking number and see why it is taking longer. On most occasions it is that the courier company has tried to deliver or they have left a calling card. This information will display on your tracking activity. We send tracking information as soon as your order has been packed and picked up. 

Why are quite a few items out of stock?

We like to keep our items visible even if they are out of stock. This is so our customers can receive an out of stock notification email when they are back in stock. You can do this by clicking on the out of stock product, the tab will display on the right hand side.

I received an item from Japan or America and the date is past it's best before, why?

It is most likely the case that you are unaware of how some countries date their items. Japan date their items reading backwards and America swap the month for the date. Here is an example:

Australia: 1/10/17

Japan: 17/10/1

USA: 10/1/17

It is a good idea to know this but if you are concerned, do not hesitate to contact us. Some items such as British chocolate and crisps is always short dated when it arrives to our HQ, this is because of the time it takes to land in the country. So please keep this in mind but we do state this in the description on these products