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DIY Kit for making really cute cakes in the shape of cat and cat's paw. 


- Milk
- Edible oil


1) Pour a bag of powder for the dough (brown bag) in a cup or bowl. Dilute the milk in the cat's paw mould until the line, then pour the milk into the cup and mix well.

2) Oil the two moulds.

3) Fill the two moulds to about half. Use a toothpick to draw the cat's face and stripes. Tap the moulds lightly on the table to bring out the air bubbles trapped in the dough.

4) Put both moulds in the microwave and cook for 1 minute, power 500 watts.

5) Remove the moulds from the microwave and peel the cakes from the moulds using the toothpick and un-mould.

6) Repeat steps 1 to 5 to make a second cat and a second cat paw.

7) Decorate cat cakes and cat paw with strawberry sauce.