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Delicious Chips available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth. Check out our Chips products below! 

  • Bluebirds Chicken Chips Bag

    Bluebirds Chicken Chips Bag


    This is a 150g bag    

  • Bluebird Curlies 150g

    Bluebird Curlies 150g


    BEST BEFORE 20/12/2020 BUY BLUEBIRD CURLIES AUSTRALIA An alternative to Twisties with their own unique, cheesy flavour, but with the same crunchy a...

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  • Bluebird Rashuns 150g

    Bluebird Rashuns 150g


    BEST BEFORE 20/12/2020 BUY BLUEBIRD RASHUNS AUSTRALIA For the ultimate hunger attacks! Bluebird Rashuns are puffed corn snacks bursting with cheese...

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  • Bluebirds Curlies Bulk

    Bluebirds Curlies Bulk


    This contains 18 packets  

  • Discos Salt & Vinegar

    Discos Salt & Vinegar


    BEST BEFORE 05/11/2020 34g

  • Munchos Cheese & Onion 100g
  • Baked Mini Cheddars BBQ
  • Baked Mini Cheddars BBQ Bulk
  • Herr's Stubb's BBQ Curls

    Herr's Stubb's BBQ Curls


    Two American institutions have joined together to bring us a deliciously cheesy and bar-b-q flavoured bag of crunchy cheese curls. These Stubb's St...

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  • Bluebirds Chicken Chips Bulk

    Bluebirds Chicken Chips Bulk


    This contains 12 packets  

  • Cheetos Crunchy 226g

    Cheetos Crunchy 226g


    Buy Cheetos Crunchy Australia Cheetos Crunchy corn snacks are deliciously cheesy and perfect for enjoying on the go! Made with real cheese and z...

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  • Doritos Cool Ranch 198g

    Doritos Cool Ranch 198g


    BEST BEFORE 31/12/2020 Cool Ranch Doritos will be an instant favourite at any party! These delicious tortilla chips are dusted with a zesty ranch p...

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  • Rebel Chipotle Hot Wings 43g
  • Rebel Jalapeno & White Cheddar 43g
  • Munchos Spicy Tomato 100g
  • Herr's Carolina Reaper Cheese Curls

    Herr's Carolina Reaper Cheese Curls


    These Herr's Carolina Reaper Cheese Curls are NOT for the faint of heart! Your taste buds will be screamin' (in a great way!) with each bite of the...

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  • Herr's Cheese Curls

    Herr's Cheese Curls


    Herr's Cheese Curls are an American institution––each bite of one of these cheese curls packs a deliciously cheesy punch and the amount of crunch o...

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  • Munchos Spicy Tomato Bulk

    Munchos Spicy Tomato Bulk


    This contains 12, 100g packets.

  • Hula Hoops Cheese & Onion 34g

    Hula Hoops Cheese & Onion 34g


    BEST BEFORE 28/11/2020 Hula Hoops are a classic British snack! Perfect for stacking on your fingers and eating one or multiple at a time, these cru...

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  • Baked Mini Cheddars Original

    Baked Mini Cheddars Original


    BEST BEFORE 14/11/2020 50g

  • Guinness Chips Rich Beef Chilli

    Guinness Chips Rich Beef Chilli


    BEST BEFORE: 01/12/2020 40g

  • Guinness Chips Rich Beef Chilli Bulk

    Guinness Chips Rich Beef Chilli Bulk


    BEST BEFORE: 01/12/2020 40gx20

  • Walkers Roast Chicken 32g
    Save 29%

    Walkers Roast Chicken 32g

    Original price $2.80
    Current price $2.00

    BEST BEFORE: 10/10/2020 This is a 32g bag  

  • Walkers Smoky Bacon

    Walkers Smoky Bacon


    BEST BEFORE: 31/10/2020 Please be aware this products is short dated and maybe sold past best before date. We cannot offer refunds on these items. ...

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