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Shipping In Hot Weather

Hot Weather Shipping Policy and Information

What you should know:

SUMMER ORDERS: Although ice packs are included with all items that may melt, we cannot guarantee that items wont melt during transit on hot days. 
Please note that refunds will not be given due to melted items. Please consider this prior to purchasing. 

What you can do to avoid melting:

  • Select Express shipping
  • Make sure someone is around to receive the shipment so it doesn’t sit outside in the sun
  • Check the temperature in your area before shipping. Keep in mind, British chocolate can melt at temperatures as low as 26 degrees.

What we do to avoid melting:

  • Any orders placed from Thursday 12pm will be sent Monday. If we send your order off on Friday, it will sit in the depot or courier van over the weekend and the risk of melting is quite high. If you have selected express then we will send off with Australia Post on the Friday with mention of perishable items.
  • We use Ice Packs in every order that has Chocolate or Lollies prone to melting. Please understand that the Ice Packs are only good for 48 hours (unless a 40 degree day). This is why we recommend selecting express post.