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Trolli Online

Trolli Treats Delivered Australia Wide!

Do you love Trolli? Available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth. Check out our Trolli products below! 

  • Sour Peach Hearts

    Sour Peach Hearts

    from $1.50

    BUY SOUR PEACH HEARTS AUSTRALIA Sour Peach Hearts have half pink and half yellow colouring with a sour sugar coating and a delicious peach flavour....

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  • Trolli Octopus

    Trolli Octopus

    from $1.50

     Please select your desired quantity Ingredients: glucose syrup(corn), sugar, gelatin, acid(330), flavours, colours (102/129/133), vegetable oil (...

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  • Trolli Mega Burgers
  • Trolli Super Sour Bears

    Trolli Super Sour Bears

    from $1.50

    BEST BEFORE for 300g & 150g: 17/07/2020

  • Trolli Sour Cola Bottles

    Trolli Sour Cola Bottles

    from $1.50

    BUY TROLLI SOUR COLA BOTTLES AUSTRALIA With that great cola taste and a sour coating for extra zing, Trolli Sour Cola Bottles may just be gummi on ...

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  • Trolli Groovy Mix
  • Trolli Sour Mandarin

    Trolli Sour Mandarin

    from $1.50


  • Trolli Sour Worms

    Trolli Sour Worms

    from $1.50

    BUY TROLLI SOUR WORMS AUSTRALIA Small in size but powerful in taste. Each sour gummy worm is dusted with a sour coating for an irresistible and tar...

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  • Trolli Strawberry Lips
  • Trolli Strawberry Puffs 120g

    Trolli Strawberry Puffs 120g


    Approximately 16-18 pieces per bag.  Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Sorbitol, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavours...

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  • Trolli Sour Brite Blasts 120g
  • Trolli Blackberries & Raspberries
  • Trolli Gummy Cola Bottles
  • Trolli Sour Britecrawlers Minis Theatre Bulk

    Trolli Sour Britecrawlers Minis Theatre Bulk


    This contains 12, 99g boxes.

  • Trolli Gummy Bears

    Trolli Gummy Bears

    from $1.20

    These deliciously chewy and fruity gummy bears make the perfect snack, addition to trail mix, or topping on your ice cream! Please select your desi...

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  • Trolli Sour Lizards
  • Trolli Hot Dog
  • Trolli Sour Gecko Single

    Trolli Sour Gecko Single


    This is for one item

  • Trolli Peach Rings
  • Chicken Feet

    Chicken Feet

    from $1.50

    BUY GUMMY CHICKEN FEET AUSTRALIA Gummy chicken feet look just like the real thing, but we promise they taste much, much better (and sweeter!) Plea...

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  • Trolli Watermelon Slice

    Trolli Watermelon Slice

    from $1.50

    BUY TROLLI WATERMELON SLICE AUSTRALIA A delicious combination of texture and taste, for those who love a good chew Please select your desired quant...

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  • Trolli Flat Feet
  • Trolli Gummy Strawberries