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American Lollies

American Lollies Online

Are you looking for American Lollie? We have a diverse range of candy from America. Some of our USA Lollie range begin with Sour lollies, Hard Candy, Gummy Lollies, Sugar Free Candy, even Gluten Free lollies and lots of great USA Candy brands such as Jolly Ranchers, Ike & Mike and Nerds.

USA Candy Delivered Australia Wide!

Our online lolly shop delivers Australia-wide! - USA candy Sydney, American lollies Brisbane,  USA lollies Melbourne, American candy Perth. Check out our great range of American lollies below! 

  • Jolly Rancher Hard Candy 198g

    Jolly Rancher Hard Candy (198g)


    Buy Jolly Ranchers Australia When will our friend the Jolly Rancher stop making delicious candy? Never! This particular selection is an array of fa...

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  • Mike and Ike Sour-Licious Zours Intense Fruit

    Mike and Ike Sour-Licious Zours Intense Fruit


    BUY MIKE AND IKE SOUR-LICIOUS ZOURS ONLINE Mike and Ike got together over a campfire one night and created the perfect sweet and sour masterpiece....

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  • Twizzlers Strawberry 70g

    Twizzlers Strawberry 70g


    Strawberry flavoured chewy licorice 70g packet with approximately 10 pieces inside.  Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Enriched Wheat Flour (Flour, Niacin,...

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  • Jolly Rancher Chews
    Sold out

    Jolly Rancher Chews Box 58g


    BUY JOLLY RANCHER CHEWS AUSTRALIA These Jolly Rancher Chews are the perfect size for a little sugar kick! With flavours like green apple, watermelo...

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  • Mike and Ike Mega Mix

    Mike & Ike Mega Mix


    BUY MIKE & IKE MEGA MIX AUSTRALIA NEW Mega Mix is loaded with 10 delicious fruit chewy flavours; Caribbean Punch, Strawberry-Banana, Paradise P...

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  • Sweetworld Lollipop

    Sweetworld Lollipop

    from $0.20

    BUY SWEETWORLD LOLLIPOPS AUSTRALIA Each tub contains a mix of yellow and pink lollipops and blue and pink lollipops. Sweetworld Lollipops can be pu...

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  • Razzles



    BUY RAZZLES AUSTRALIA So what we have here is a classic candy with a twist! Enjoy your basic fruity candy but then be surprised by gum! Yes! Your c...

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  • Wonka Nerds Rope Berry
    Save 70%

    Nerds Rope Very Berry

    Original price $3.30
    Current price $1.00

    BUY NERD ROPE VERY BERRY AUSTRALIA Soft gummy roped covered with tiny, tangy, crunchy very berry flavoured nerds.  26g packet.  BEST BEFORE 31/03/...

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  • Atomic Fireball

    Atomic Fireball


    BUY ATOMIC FIREBALLS AUSTRALIA The name says it all and you'd better believe we're not messing around when we say these suckers are HOT! Made from ...

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  • Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans

    Harry Potter Bertie Botts Beans Box - Every Flavour


    BUY HARRY POTTER BERTIE BOTTS BEANS BOX AUSTRALIA Delicious 'normal' jelly beans are mixed with crazy, creepy flavours in a 20 flavour magical med...

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  • Mike & Ike Original Fruits

    Mike & Ike Original Fruits


    MIKE & IKE ORIGINAL FRUITS AUSTRALIA Naturally and artificially flavoured. Chewy assorted fruit flavoured candies. A fat free candy. Bursting ...

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  • Nerds Double Dipped

    Nerds Double Dipped


    BUY NERDS DOUBLE DIPPED AUSTRALIA Lemonade with Cherry and Apple with Watermelon. 47g packet. NERDS DOUBLE DIPPED INGREDIENTS Dextrose, Sugar, Mali...

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  • Mike and Ike Fruit Punch

    Mike & Ike Sour-Licious Fruit Punch


    Satisfy your sour with our NEW MIKE AND IKE SOUR-LICIOUS candy. Enjoy the delightful sweetness of Fruit Punch with a kick of Sour Raspberry, Sour ...

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  • Ice Breakers Sours

    Ice Breakers Sours


    Ice Breakers Sours Mints are the perfect mouth-watering, fruit-flavored treat! These sweet and sour mints are sugar-free and come in green apple, ...

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  • Warheads Worms Theater Box

    Warheads Worms Theater Box


    Warheads claim that these are the most sour worms ever made––can you handle the challenge?! This Theater Box comes with worms in three different fl...

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  • Nerds Cherry & Watermelon

    Nerds Cherry & Watermelon


    Tiny, tangy, crunchy candy with what-A-melon and so very cherry flavours.  46.7g packet.  Ingredients: Dextrose, Sugar, Malic Acid, Less than 2% o...

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  • Nerds Surf & Turf

    Nerds Surf & Turf


    BEST BEFORE: 31/05/2020 Tiny, Tangy, Crunch Raspberry & Tropical Punch Flavoured Candy.  46.7g packet.  Ingredients: Dextrose, Sugar, Malic Ac...

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  • Airheads Xtreme Sourfulls Rainbow

    Airheads Xtreme Sourfulls Rainbow


    Airheads Xtreme Sourfulls are perfect for any lover of sweet AND sour flavour combinations! These delicious chewy bites will pucker your lips and s...

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  • Wonka Runts

    Wonka Runts


    Tiny hard candies in the shape of fruits. If you were born in the 90's you would remember these being available in Lolly dispensers at Target Ingre...

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  • Wonka Sherbet Fizz

    Wonka Sherbet Fizz


    Just when you thought raspberry licorice was already pretty awesome, Wonka fills it with sherbet! Every bite is a fizzy, fuzzy tingly time!

  • Wonka Nerds Peach Wildberry
  • Ice Breaker Duo Watermelon

    Ice Breaker Duo Watermelon


    These Ice Breakers breath mints are bursting with watermelon flavour and a cooling element to keep you feeling fresh all day! Ingredients: Sorbito...

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  • Air Head White Mystery

    Air Head White Mystery


    Airheads Mystery Flavour are chewy, tangy confection... similar to a Zombie Chew or Wicked Fizz! You won't be able to stop yourself to just one! 15...

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  • Gobstopper Longlasting 50g

    Gobstopper Longlasting 50g


    These Longlasting Gobstoppers are inspired by Willy Wonka, king of candy! Each fruity flavoured jawbreaker changes flavour as you suck on it, bring...

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