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Lollies Online

Everyone loves Lollies whether it be Jolly ranchers, nerds, raspberry twisters or more. We have a great range of lollies from all over the world - USA Candy, UK Sweets, Aussie lollies and more!

Lollies Delivered Australia Wide!

Our online lolly shop delivers Australia-wide! - Lollies Sydney, online lollies Brisbane, lolly shop online Melbourne, USA lollies Perth. Check out our stock below! 

  • Strawberries & Cream
    from $1.50

    Allen's Strawberries & Cream 150g

    Buy Allen's Strawberries & Cream Australia An old-fashioned favourite that tastes just like your favourite dessert. Buy Allen's Strawberries &...

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  • Fini Unicorn Balls

    Fini Unicorn Balls

    Sour Unicorn Balls are a caramelo candy with a sour coating on the outside and a sherbet filling.... Yum! Gluten Free 

  • Bulls Balls

    Bulls Balls

    BUY BULLS BALLS AUSTRALIA This delicious tutti frutti and raspberry liquid that is hiding inside of this bubblegum has just the right amount of zi...

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  • Pineapples
    from $1.50

    Allen's Pineapples

    Buy Allen's Pineapples Australia Allen's Pineapples are a juicy, bite sized treat for your taste buds. Catch these cool yellow and green pineapples...

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  • Allen's Snakes
    from $1.50

    Allen's Snakes

    Buy Allen's Snakes Australia Don't worry, these snakes don't bite! Allen's Snakes are a fruity, stretchy, chewy treat that everyone can enjoy. All...

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  • Black Cats
    from $1.50

    Black Cats

    Allseps Liquorice flavoured Black Cats are a childhood favourite. Ingredients: Glucose Syrup (Wheat), Sugar, Starch (Wheat), Water, Humectant (Glyc...

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  • Allen's Jelly Beans
    from $1.20

    Allen's Jelly Beans

    Buy Allen's Jelly Beans Australia Allen's Jelly Beans come in a plethora of delicious flavours like raspberry, strawberry, aniseed, vanilla, bluebe...

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  • Zappo Bubblegum

    Zappo Bubblegum

    Buy Zappo Bubblegum Australia A favourite for both adults and children. Buy Zappo Bubblegum online. Zappo Bubblegum Ingredients Corn Syrup, Sugar, ...

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  • Pop Rocks Strawberry

    Pop Rocks Strawberry

    Buy Pop Rocks Strawberry Australia Strawberry Pop Rocks are a party for your mouth! These red strawberry-flavored candies pop when they hit your to...

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  • Allen's Party Mix
    from $1.50

    Allen's Party Mix

    Buy Allen's Party Mix Australia Allen's Party Mix is a collection of all your favourite Allen's lollies‚ Bananas, Milk Bottles, Ripe Raspberries, S...

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  • Fizzy Gum Balls
    from $2.00

    Fizzy Gum Balls

    Buy Fizzy Gum Balls Australia BEST BEFORE: 31/07/2020 These fizzy gumballs are a delicious treat for any gum chewer or candy lover! Buy Fizzy Gum ...

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  • Zappo Strawberry

    Zappo Strawberry

    Buy Zappo Strawberry Australia  A favourite for both adults and children. Buy Zappo Strawberry online. Zappo Strawberry Ingredients Corn Syrup, Sug...

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  • Laces Licorice
    from $3.95

    Laces Licorice

    Buy Laces Licorice Australia Laces Licorice Ingredients Molasses, Wheat Flour, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Sugar, Dextrose, Vegetable Oil, Licorice Ext...

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  • Chupa Chups

    Chupa Chups

    Buy Chupa Chups Australia Lick, suck, or bite into these delicious Chupa Chups lollipops that come with a flavourful punch! Buy Chupa Chups online...

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  • Pop Rocks Magic Twin Strawberry

    Pop Rocks Magic Twin Strawberry

    Buy Pop Rocks Magic Twin Strawberry Australia These delightful treats leave a popping sensation on your tongue and in your mouth... you HAVE to giv...

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  • Minties 100g
    from $2.90


    BUY MINTIES AUSTRALIA Allen's Minties are a refreshing chewy mint. Can you tear the longest minties strip? Just twist open, pick a corner and tear ...

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  • Cavendish & Harvey Filled Raspberry & Peach Drops 175g Tin

    Cavendish & Harvey Filled Raspberry & Peach Drops 175g Tin

    Buy Cavendish & Harvey Filled Raspberry & Peach Drops Tin Australia This is for a 175g tin. Treat yourself to these delightful treats. Buy ...

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  • Allen's Jaffas
    from $3.00

    Allen's Jaffas

    Buy Allen's Jaffas Online Delicious red balls - a soft chocolate centre surrounded by a crispy orange shell. Buy Allen's Jaffas online. Allen's Jaf...

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  • Zappo Raspberry

    Zappo Raspberry

    Buy Zappo Raspberry Australia A favourite for both adults and kids. Buy Zappo Raspberry online. Order Zappo Raspberry Online Australia.

  • Cavendish & Harvey Mixed Fruit Drops 200g Tin
  • Smarties
    from $3.00


    BUY SMARTIES AUSTRALIA Crispy coloured shells filled with yummy milk chocolate! SMARTIES INGREDIENTS Sugar, Full Cream Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, C...

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  • TNT Giant Sour Chew Blue Raspberry

    TNT Giant Sour Chew Blue Raspberry

    Buy TNT Giant Sour Chew Blue Raspberry Australia 40g packet.  What's better than TNT Sour Chews? GIANT Sour Chews!! Yummy!! Buy TNT Giant Sour Chew...

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  • Dutch Licorice Tiny Diamonds
  • Mondo Nougat Vanilla Soft 60g