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Everyone loves Lollies whether it be Jolly ranchers, nerds, raspberry twisters or more. We have a great range of lollies from all over the world - USA Candy, UK Sweets, Aussie lollies and more!

Lollies Delivered Australia Wide!

Our online lolly shop delivers Australia-wide! - Lollies Sydney, online lollies Brisbane, lolly shop online Melbourne, USA lollies Perth. Check out our stock below! 

  • Jolly Rancher Hard Candy 198g

    Jolly Rancher Hard Candy (198g)


    Buy Jolly Ranchers Australia When will our friend the Jolly Rancher stop making delicious candy? Never! This particular selection is an array of fa...

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  • Rainbow Sour Straps

    Rainbow Sour Straps

    from $3.00

    Buy Rainbow Sour Straps Australia Rainbow Sour Straps are sugar coated straps that are thick and delicious. They are a popular TNT treat. They are ...

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  • Mike and Ike Sour-Licious Zours Intense Fruit

    Mike and Ike Sour-Licious Zours Intense Fruit


    BUY MIKE AND IKE SOUR-LICIOUS ZOURS ONLINE Mike and Ike got together over a campfire one night and created the perfect sweet and sour masterpiece....

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  • Twizzlers Strawberry 70g

    Twizzlers Strawberry 70g


    Strawberry flavoured chewy licorice 70g packet with approximately 10 pieces inside.  Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Enriched Wheat Flour (Flour, Niacin,...

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  • Flying Saucers Candy

    Flying Saucers Candy

    from $2.50

    BUY FLYING SAUCERS CANDY AUSTRALIA Flying Saucers are a classic treat. Inside each brightly coloured wafer is a fun sherbet-y surprise. FLYING SAUC...

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  • Milko Chews 100g

    Milko Chews

    from $2.95

    BUY MILKO CHEWS AUSTRALIA Create smiles with Allen's MILKO, the creamy, soft, milky chews. Stretch one, pull one then enjoy bite by bite. MILKO CH...

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  • Strawberry Clouds

    Strawberry Clouds

    from $1.50

    BUY STRAWBERRY CLOUDS AUSTRALIA Brand varies between Chunkeez Funkeez (1.65kg Tub) & Vidal (1kg Tub).  STRAWBERRY CLOUDS INGREDIENTS sugar, cor...

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  • Jolly Rancher Chews

    Jolly Rancher Chews Box 58g


    BUY JOLLY RANCHER CHEWS AUSTRALIA These Jolly Rancher Chews are the perfect size for a little sugar kick! With flavours like green apple, watermelo...

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  • Trolli Sour Worms

    Trolli Sour Worms

    from $1.50

    BUY TROLLI SOUR WORMS AUSTRALIA Small in size but powerful in taste. Each sour gummy worm is dusted with a sour coating for an irresistible and tar...

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  • Strawberry Yogurt Bars

    Strawberry Yogurt Bars

    from $4.00

    BUY STRAWBERRY YOGURT BARS AUSTRALIA Pink licorice sticks with a soft yogurt centre STRAWBERRY YOGURT BAR INGREDIENTS Sugar, Glucose and Fructose S...

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  • Fizzy Gum Bullets

    Fizzy Gum Bullets

    from $1.50

    BUY FIZZY GUM BULLETS AUSTRALIA These fizzy gum bullets will delight your tastebuds! First you'll be hit by the delicious fizzy fruity sensation ...

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  • Mike and Ike Mega Mix

    Mike & Ike Mega Mix


    BUY MIKE & IKE MEGA MIX AUSTRALIA NEW Mega Mix is loaded with 10 delicious fruit chewy flavours; Caribbean Punch, Strawberry-Banana, Paradise P...

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  • Chicken Feet

    Chicken Feet

    from $1.50

    BUY GUMMY CHICKEN FEET AUSTRALIA Gummy chicken feet look just like the real thing, but we promise they taste much, much better (and sweeter!) Plea...

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  • Trolli Sour Cola Bottles

    Trolli Sour Cola Bottles

    from $1.50

    BUY TROLLI SOUR COLA BOTTLES AUSTRALIA With that great cola taste and a sour coating for extra zing, Trolli Sour Cola Bottles may just be gummi on ...

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  • Watermelon Clouds

    Watermelon Clouds

    from $1.50

    BUY WATERMELON CLOUDS AUSTRALIA Watermelon Clouds are green cloud shaped jellies lightly dusted with sugar and have a juicy watermelon flavour. WAT...

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  • Grape Clouds

    Grape Clouds

    from $1.50

    BUY GRAPE CLOUDS AUSTRALIA We love grape flavoured lollies, and these Grape Clouds are no exception! Covered in a sweet purple coloured sugar, each...

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  • Sweetworld Lollipop

    Sweetworld Lollipop

    from $0.20

    BUY SWEETWORLD LOLLIPOPS AUSTRALIA Each tub contains a mix of yellow and pink lollipops and blue and pink lollipops. Sweetworld Lollipops can be pu...

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  • Trolli Watermelon Slice

    Trolli Watermelon Slice

    from $1.50

    BUY TROLLI WATERMELON SLICE AUSTRALIA A delicious combination of texture and taste, for those who love a good chew Please select your desired quant...

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  • Blue Raspberry Yogurt Bars

    Blue Raspberry Yogurt Bars

    from $2.80

    BUY BLUE RASPBERRY YOGURT BARS AUSTRALIA Licorice and yogurt, what a great combination. Bright blue licorice with a creamy yogurt filling. BLUE RAS...

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  • Big Boss Original

    Big Boss Original

    from $2.70

    BUY BIG BOSS STICKS AUSTRALIA Old School Big Boss Sticks in a delicious caramel flavour!  BIG BOSS STICKS INGREDIENTS Cane Sugar, Glucose Syrup (fr...

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  • Razzles



    BUY RAZZLES AUSTRALIA So what we have here is a classic candy with a twist! Enjoy your basic fruity candy but then be surprised by gum! Yes! Your c...

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  • Zombie Chews Sour Grape

    Zombie Chews Sour Grape


    BUY SOUR GRAPE ZOMBIE CHEWS AUSTRALIA A sour/tangy chewy candy with a sherbet like filling ZOMBIE CHEWS SOUR GRAPE INGREDIENTS Glucose Syrup from C...

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  • Wonka Nerds Rope Berry
    Save 70%

    Nerds Rope Very Berry

    Original price $3.30
    Current price $1.00

    BUY NERD ROPE VERY BERRY AUSTRALIA Soft gummy roped covered with tiny, tangy, crunchy very berry flavoured nerds.  26g packet.  BEST BEFORE 31/03/...

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  • Zombie Chews Sour Blue Raspberry

    Zombie Chews Sour Blue Raspberry



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