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UK Chocolate

British Chocolate Online

Are you looking for English Chocolate? We have a diverse range of chocolate from the UK. We have milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and lots of great British chocolate brands such as Galaxy and Revels.

UK Chocolate Delivered Australia Wide!

Our online lolly shop delivers Australia-wide! - British chocolate Sydney, UK chocolate Brisbane,  English chocolate Melbourne, British chocolate Perth. Check out our great range of UK chocolate below! 

  • Wispa



    BEST BEFORE: 26/04/2020 A chocolate bar so quiet that not even a hungry child could hear you take a bite. Delicious, creamy milk chocolate surround...

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  • Nestle Rolo
    Save 29%

    Nestle Rolo

    Original price $2.80
    Current price $2.00

    BEST BEFORE 29/02/2020 YOLO so ROLO! Runny, gooey caramel inside a disc of creamy milk chocolate.  52g roll with approximately 10 chocolates in ea...

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  • British Mystery Pack

    British Mystery Pack


    By purchasing this pack, you will receive a selection of our top-selling British sweets. Your pack will have at least 4 items, what a deal! Each p...

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  • Caramac 30g

    Caramac 30g


    Nestle's Caramac is a smooth, creamy caramel flavoured candy bar that is sure to be a hit!  Made by Nestle in the UK Ingredients: Vegetable Fat (c...

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  • Curly Wurly

    Curly Wurly


    This Cadbury classic is bendy and stretchy! A delicious candy bar with a tasty caramel centre. 26g bar.  Ingredients: Glucose syrup, Sugar, Palm Oi...

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  • Milkyway Crispy Rolls
    Sold out

    Milkyway Crispy Rolls


    BEST BEFORE 29/03/2020 Milk chocolate covered wafer biscuit fingers with a lightly whipped filling  PLEASE NOTE: This item may be nearing or past...

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  • Galaxy Chocolate Bar 42g

    Galaxy Chocolate Bar 42g


    This sweet and smooth milk chocolate bar by Galaxy will delight every chocolate lover! Suitable for vegetarians. 42g bar  Ingredients: Sugar, Coco...

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  • Walnut Whip
    Save 22%

    Walnut Whip

    Original price $3.20
    Current price $2.50

    BEST BEFORE: 29/02/2020 A cone of delicious, walnutty awesomeness. Smooth milk chocolate surrounding a walnut and vanilla whipped cream, topped wit...

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  • Fry's Peppermint Cream

    Fry's Peppermint Cream


    This rich, creamy, dark chocolate is filled with a smooth fondant centre and bursting with refreshing peppermint notes. This chocolate bar is also ...

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  • Galaxy Ripple

    Galaxy Ripple


    This delicious chocolate bar by Galaxy includes ripples of creamy milk chocolate covered in more of Galaxy's classic chocolate. Chocolate with more...

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  • Galaxy Chocolate Bar Caramel

    Galaxy Chocolate Bar Caramel


    Your favourite Galaxy chocolate, now with an added creamy caramel filling! Suitable for vegetarians. Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Skimmed Mil...

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  • Galaxy Minstrels Small Bag

    Galaxy Minstrels Small Bag


    When we say 'Galaxy Minstrels' we bet you immediately think of musicians in space... Naturally. However, what if we said that they were just as out...

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  • Yorkie Chocolate Bar

    Yorkie Chocolate Bar


    Yorkie Original, five solid chunks of smooth, milk chocolate. Ingredients: Sugar, Dried Whole Milk, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fat (from P...

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  • Toblerone White 360g
  • Galaxy Hot Chocolate 200g
  • Cadbury Double Decker 54.5g

    Cadbury Double Decker 54.5g


    Cadbury milk chocolate with a soft, chewy nougat top & crunchy cereal bottom... YUM! Ingredients:Sugar, glucose syrup, glucose-fructose syrup, ...

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  • Fry's Chocolate Cream
    Save 43%

    Fry's Chocolate Cream

    Original price $3.50
    Current price $2.00

    BEST BEFORE: 04/12/2019 A smooth and rich chocolate surrounding a white, creamy sweet centre. Perfect for late night secret feasting or an extra s...

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  • Toffee Crisp 38g

    Toffee Crisp 38g


    BEST BEFORE: 30/04/2020 Toffee & crisped cereal filled milk chocolate.   38g bar.  Ingredients: Sugar, Vegetable Fats (Sunflower, Palm, Palm Ke...

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  • Lion Bar

    Lion Bar


    A delicious combination of chocolate, wafer, caramel and crisp cereal.  50g bar. Ingredients: Glucose-fructose Syrup, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Sweetened...

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  • Terry's Chocolate Orange Dark

    Terry's Chocolate Orange Dark


    Delicious dark chocolate flavoured with real orange oil. Unwrap the foil to reveal the iconic individual chocolate segments.  157g ball. Ingredien...

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  • Revels



    Milk Chocolate with assorted centres.  35g packet.  Ingredients: Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Palm Fat, Glucose Syrup, Cocoa Mass, Ra...

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  • Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter

    Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter 42g


    42g bar. Ingredients: Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Ground Roasted Peanuts (10%), Wheat Flour, Cocoa Mass, Palm Fat, Butterfat (from Mi...

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  • Terry's Chocolate Orange Milk
    Save 33%

    Terry's Chocolate Orange Milk

    Original price $8.95
    Current price $6.00

    BEST BEFORE: 29/12/2019 Delicious milk chocolate flavoured with real orange oil. Unwrap the foil to reveal the iconic individual chocolate segment...

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  • After Eight Dinner Mints 300g Box
    Sold out

    After Eight Dinner Mints 300g Box

    Original price $14.95
    Current price $8.00

    BEST BEFORE: 31/01/2020 After Eight Dinner Mints are a classic treat for a reason! These delectable and delicious chocolate thins are filled with a...

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