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UK Sweets

British Sweets & UK Candy Online

We stock a great range of British Sweets, UK lollies and English sweets that are well known, check out our wide range of British Chocolate also! Get your UK sweets online at Joy's Delights.

UK Sweets & English Lollies Delivered Australia Wide!

Our online English lolly shop delivers Australia-wide! - UK candy Sydney, British sweets Brisbane, English lollies Melbourne, UK candies Perth. Check out our stock below!

  • Fruit-tella Blackcurrant Stick 41g

    Fruit-tella Blackcurrant Stick 41g


    Blackcurrant flavoured chewy sweets.  This is a 41g stick.  Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Fully Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Blackcurrant Juice f...

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  • Chewits Xtremes Sour Tutti Fruiti
  • Walkers Mint Toffees Hangsell 150g
  • Kingsway Candy Watches

    Kingsway Candy Watches

    from $0.80

    BEST BEFORE 02/03/2021

  • Tango Chewbies Apple
  • Double Spray Splits
  • Catherine Wheels
  • Bon Bons Bubblegum

    Bon Bons Bubblegum

    from $3.00

    Bubblegum flavoured sweet, chewy candies that gives you a massive burst of flavour. The brand varies between Verquin & Kingsway.  Verquin Ingre...

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  • ABC Letters

    ABC Letters

    from $2.00

    BUY ABC LETTERS AUSTRALIA A fizzy, fruit-flavoured candy made in every letter of the alphabet! Leave a sweet message for a loved one with ABC l...

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  • Tango Chewbies Blue Raspberry

    Tango Chewbies Blue Raspberry


    Buy Tango Chewbies Blue Raspberry Australia Blue Raspberry flavoured mini chews.  7 chews per packet.  Blue Raspberry Tango Chewbies Ingredients

  • Tango Shock Rocks Single

    Tango Shock Rocks Single


    Buy Tango Shock Rocks Australia This is for one item. Flavours: Cherry, Orange, Green Apple & Blue Raspberry. If you would like a specific flav...

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  • Fox's Glacier Mints
  • Vimto Candy Spray
  • Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Roll

    Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Roll


    BEST BEFORE 30/06/2021 The original Australian fruity lolly. A soft, fruit lolly with a good chew.  Reviews include"They're really nice!""I really ...

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  • Fox's Glacier Fruits 130g

    Fox's Glacier Fruits 130g


    Buy Fox's Glacier Fruits 130g Australia

  • Squashies Bubblegum 45g

    Squashies Bubblegum 45g


    BEST BEFORE 31/12/2020

  • Chewits Xtremes Sour Apple
  • Sugared Almonds

    Sugared Almonds

    from $3.00

    BUY SUGARED ALMONDS AUSTRALIA BEST BEFORE: 31/07/2020 Sugar Almonds are lightly roasted almonds covered in a smooth white or pastel coloured candy ...

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  • Chewits Blackcurrant

    Chewits Blackcurrant


    BEST BEFORE 31/05/2020

  • Black Jack Minis

    Black Jack Minis

    from $3.20

    The 100g bag contains approximately 22 pieces.  The 500g bag contains approximately 112 pieces. 

  • Polo Fruits

    Polo Fruits


    BEST BEFORE 28/02/2021

  • Fox's Glacier Dark

    Fox's Glacier Dark


    Liquorice & Aniseed flavoured lollies.  130g bag

  • Vimto Chewy Sweets 30g
    Save 46%

    Vimto Chewy Sweets 30g

    Original price $2.80
    Current price $1.50

    BEST BEFORE 28/02/2021

  • Juicy Drop Blasts 120g