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Delicious Gummy available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth. Check out our Gummy products below! 

  • Trolli Octopus

    Trolli Octopus

    from $1.50

     Please select your desired quantity Ingredients: glucose syrup(corn), sugar, gelatin, acid(330), flavours, colours (102/129/133), vegetable oil (...

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  • Pineapples

    Allen's Pineapples

    from $1.50

    Allen's Pineapples are a juicy, bite sized treat for your taste buds. Catch these cool yellow and green pineapples before they party on out of town...

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  • Killer Pythons

    Killer Pythons

    from $3.90

    BEST BEFORE OF 150G & 300G: 30/04/2020 A classic Australian treat - enjoy the flavours of juicy orange, crispy apple, tasty pineapple, lusciou...

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  • Allen's Snakes

    Allen's Snakes

    from $1.50

    Don't worry, these snakes don't bite! Allen's Snakes are a fruity, stretchy, chewy treat that everyone can enjoy. All flavours may not be in one b...

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  • Allen's Raspberries

    Allen's Raspberries

    from $1.50

    Allen's Raspberries are a delicious, fruity, chewy treat for everyone! These tiny little raspberry-flavoured bites will become addictive––watch out...

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  • Honey Bears

    Honey Bears

    from $1.50

    These delicious Honey Bears are the perfect sweet treat for your Honey (or you can keep them all for yourself!) Not overwhelmingly honey flavoured...

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  • Gummi Pizza

    Gummi Pizza


    This teeny tiny gummi pizza will be a huge hit with children and adults alike! Share a slice with a pal or keep it all for yourself, this adorable ...

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  • Allen's Party Mix

    Allen's Party Mix

    from $1.50

    Allen's Party Mix is a collection of all your favourite Allen's lollies––Bananas, Milk Bottles, Ripe Raspberries, Snakes, Red Frogs, and more! Up t...

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  • Trolli Mega Burgers
  • Gummy Body Parts
  • Allen's Jelly Babies

    Allen's Jelly Babies

    from $1.50

    BUY JELLY BABIES AUSTRALIA These are an Australian favourite - deliciously soft and juicy, especially squished together so you can bite two heads o...

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  • Trolli Super Sour Bears

    Trolli Super Sour Bears

    from $1.50

    BEST BEFORE for 300g & 150g: 17/07/2020

  • Gummy Shot Glasses 6 Pack
    Save 76%

    Gummy Shot Glasses 6 Pack

    Original price $12.50
    Current price $3.00

    BEST BEFORE 05/03/2020**Colours & Flavours may vary.

  • Gummi Bracelets

    Gummi Bracelets


    This is made by efrutti.

  • Sports Mix Taper Box 400g
    Save 33%

    Sports Mix Taper Box 400g

    Original price $14.95
    Current price $10.00

    BEST BEFORE: 17/06/2020

  • Squashies Bubblegum 45g
  • Gummi Bracelet Bulk

    Gummi Bracelet Bulk


    This comes with 40 items.

  • Wine Gum Rolls
  • Sun Fruit Faces

    Sun Fruit Faces

    from $1.50

    BUY SUN FRUIT FACES AUSTRALIA Did you ever have these at the Primary School canteen? Sun Fruit Faces are a unique product made with natural colours...

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  • Allen's Chicos

    Allen's Chicos

    from $1.20

    BUY ALLEN'S CHICOS AUSTRALIA Allen's Chicos are a classic Australian lolly – these chocolate jelly babies will put a smile on everyone's face! ALLE...

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  • Trolli Groovy Mix
  • Mint Leaves

    Mint Leaves

    from $1.20

    BUY MINT LEAVES AUSTRALIA Spearmint leaves are green soft jelly leaves dusted in sugar.  MINT LEAVES INGREDIENTS Sugar (Preservative (220)), Corn S...

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  • Friendship Rings
  • Trolli Sour Mandarin

    Trolli Sour Mandarin

    from $1.50