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Afterpay and ZipPay available!
Afterpay and ZipPay available!

United Kingdom

United Kingdom Candy Online

United Kingdom Treats Delivered Australia Wide!

Discover the great tasting United Kingdom candy? Available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth. Check out our United Kingdom products below! 

  • Mega Sour Apple

    Mega Sour Apple

    from $3.95

    Super sour! Can you handle it?  They are EXTREMELY sour and it is recommended not to eat more then one at a time. We have other flavours available...

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  • Mega Sour Cherries

    Mega Sour Cherries

    from $3.95

    Are sour candies never quite sour enough for you?! Do you LOVE that lip-puckering, tear-inducing feeling of a sour lolly? Well, you will not be di...

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  • Topic Bar
  • Fruit-tella Blackcurrant Stick 41g

    Fruit-tella Blackcurrant Stick 41g


    Blackcurrant flavoured chewy sweets.  This is a 41g stick.  Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Fully Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Blackcurrant Juice f...

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  • Irn Bru

    Irn Bru


    BUY IRN BRU AUSTRALIA This Scottish soda is one of a kind. Referred to in Scotland as "Scotlands other national drink" (other than whiskey!), Size:...

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  • Refresher Stick Pack Strawberry
  • Mega Sour Cola

    Mega Sour Cola

    from $3.95

    Are you the type of person when you eat a sour lolly they just aren't sour enough? Well, you will not be dissapointed with these! They are EXTREMEL...

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  • Chewits Xtremes Sour Tutti Fruiti
  • Swizzels Giant Fizzers
  • Walkers Mint Toffees Hangsell 150g
  • Walkers Treacle Toffee Minis
  • Jammie Dodge Fudge

    Jammie Dodge Fudge

    from $3.90

    This contains 3 pieces of fudge.

  • Nestle Rolo

    Nestle Rolo


    YOLO so ROLO!  Runny, gooey caramel inside a disc of creamy milk chocolate.  52g roll with approximately 10 chocolates in each.  Ingredients: Gluco...

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  • Maynards Bassetts Sports Mix 165g

    Maynards Bassetts Sports Mix 165g


    BEST BEFORE 04/09/2020

  • Aniseed Balls Brown

    Aniseed Balls Brown

    from $3.50

    This classic Australian lolly is incredibly long-lasting in flavour! Aniseed balls are flavoured by aniseed oil and have a very strong aniseed a...

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  • Kingsway Candy Watches
  • Tango Chewbies Apple
  • Millions Vimto
  • Double Spray Splits
  • Brain Blasters Brain Bitz Single

    Brain Blasters Brain Bitz Single


    BEST BEFORE 31/01/2021 **This is for one item. 

  • Maynards Bassets Midget Gems 160g
  • Catherine Wheels
  • Bird's Custard Powder Drum
  • Sugar Free Cola Bottles 100g