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Get Free Shipping on all orders over $100 & under 5kg
The Amazing Health Benefits of Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

The Amazing Health Benefits of Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

Whether you’re watching your waistline, you have a health condition that means you need to limit your sugar intake or you just want to eat less sweet stuff, sugar free dark chocolate is the perfect treat. Eating chocolate is one of life’s real pleasures that’s made all the better when you know it’s not laden with sugar!

Who can resist those little brown squares of joy melting in their mouth? It’s no wonder that chocolate makes you feel good because it results in the release of endorphins that give you a lift. Not only this but eating sugar free chocolate has lots of other health benefits too!

Filled with Antioxidants

Sugar free dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants that protect your heart. Yummy and healthy too! Who knew?

Lowers Blood Pressure

Eating chocolate actually helps to lower your blood pressure due to its vasodilator properties.

Could Prevent Diabetes

If you eat sugar free chocolate it can lower your risk of diabetes. That may sound strange but it’s true. It’s the flavonoids that help increase levels of nitrogen oxide in the blood which actually decrease if you have diabetes.

Helps Stop Asthma Attacks

Sugar free dark chocolate contains theophylline, caffeine and theobromine which are all useful to people suffering from asthma.

Enhances Brain Function

If your head is feeling a little foggy when you’re at work or studying, have a chocolate break! Chocolate has been proven to enhance brain function as it increases blood flow to the brain, decreases inflammation and is a great source of minerals. It also keeps your brain focused as well as boosting your memory!

Reduces the Risk of Heart Attacks

Sugar free dark chocolate reduces the potential for heart attacks. It’s great for protecting us from the free radicals that damage our cells.

Protects Our Skin from Sunlight

Flavanols in chocs are perfect for protecting your skin against sun damage. They also enhance hydration as well as improve blood flow. Of course, you should never just eat bars of chocolate rather than putting on sunscreen but it’s a good fact to be aware of!

Rich in Iron and Magnesium

Chocs are high in iron and brimming with magnesium too. How amazing is that?!

Reduces Risk of Stroke

A Finnish research team discovered that eating chocs reduces stroke risk by as much as 17 percent.

Helps Aid Weight Loss

Eating a lot of regular chocolate and lollies such as popping candy can cause you to pile on the pounds. However, sugar-free treats are great for weight loss. Additionally, if you put a small piece under your tongue around 20 minutes before eating a meal, hormones in your brain send the message to you saying you’re full. So, you don’t end up overeating. Amazing!

The above are just some of the amazing health benefits of sugar free chocolate. No wonder we find it so comforting to eat. It’s the one food that’s always there for us in times of boredom, stress, happiness, celebration and sadness. Just one bite can make all the difference between having a good day and a bad one. To get your sugar free choc fix and to order other sweet treats like Jolly Ranchers, Starburst lollies and more, take a look at our online store today!