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We get stock deliveries at least 3 times a week with American Candy, British Sweets, Japanese Confectionery and even some of your favourites rite here in Australia. *We are still adding products to this category. Keep in mind some products are hidden, we update the website weekly.

Candy Delivered Australia Wide!

In this Collection you will be able to select a pack at a set price and we will send you a selection of items within the pack you have chosen
  • Arizona Green Tea

    Arizona Green Tea


    This is America's best-selling green tea! Brewed with premium, 100% natural green tea, a hint of ginseng, and just a tiny bit of sweet honey, it's ...

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  • Arizona Grapeade

    Arizona Grapeade


    Arizona Grapeade is similar to fruit punch, but has an extra kick of grape flavouring, made from real fruit juice and all-natural flavours. Try one...

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  • Arizona Watermelon

    Arizona Watermelon


    Did anyone ever warn you about growing a watermelon in your stomach if you swallowed the seeds?! Well, no worries about that with this drink. Enjoy...

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  • American Mystery Pack

    American Mystery Pack

    from $25.00

    Buy USA Mystery Pack By purchasing this pack, you will receive a selection of our top-selling American candy items.  Each pack contains the same g...

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  • Starburst Original Jelly beans 397g

    Starburst Jelly Beans Original Flavour 397g


    BUY STARBURST ORIGINAL JELLY BEANS AUSTRALIA Everybody's favourite fruit-flavored jellybeans with a chewy texture. Great fruit taste with real frui...

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  • Dr Pepper Cherry

    Dr Pepper Cherry


    Dr Pepper Cherry is just like the smooth tasting Dr Pepper we all know and love, but with an added cherry kiss! If you enjoy the classic Dr Pepper,...

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  • Arizona Watermelon 24 Pack

    Arizona Watermelon 24 Pack


    **Please Note: As this is such a large order for us to properly package, it will take 48 business hours to dispatch rather than the normal 24 hours.

  • Cherry Coke

    Cherry Coke


    BUY CHERRY COKE AUSTRALIA Cherry Coke is an American classic for a good reason.. it is incredibly refreshing and will be sure to quench your thirst...

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  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch 362g

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch 362g


    BUY CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH AUSTRALIA An American classic, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the perfect sugary, cinnamon treat for any time of day! CINNAMON...

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  • Fantasy Straps

    Fantasy Straps

    from $2.80

    These SUPER sour belts from candy legend Fini are not messing around! See how many you can handle eating at once before the sour powder makes your ...

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  • Harry Potter Slugs

    Harry Potter Slugs


    Harry Potter Jelly Slugs are gelatine-free and come in banana, pear, sour cherry, tangerine & watermelon flavours! Try a bag today! 56g bag In...

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  • Rainbow Straps

    Rainbow Straps

    from $3.00

    Buy Rainbow Sour Straps Australia Rainbow Sour Straps are sugar coated straps that are thick and delicious. They are a popular TNT treat. They are ...

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  • Dr Pepper Cotton Candy 88g
  • Herr's Stubb's BBQ Curls

    Herr's Stubb's BBQ Curls


    Two American institutions have joined together to bring us a deliciously cheesy and bar-b-q flavoured bag of crunchy cheese curls. These Stubb's St...

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  • Jolly Rancher 2.2KG bag

    Jolly Rancher 2.2kg bag


    This GIANT bag of Jolly Ranchers is any hard candy fan's dream! With five varieties (green apple, grape, blue raspberry, cherry, and watermelon) in...

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  • Grape Storms

    Grape Storms

    from $1.50

    Buy Grape Storms Australia We love grape flavoured lollies, and these Grape Storms are no exception! Covered in a sweet purple coloured sugar, ea...

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  • Jolly Rancher Hard Candy 198g

    Jolly Rancher Hard Candy (198g)


    Buy Jolly Ranchers Australia When will our friend the Jolly Rancher stop making delicious candy? Never! This particular selection is an array of fa...

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  • Herrs Bacon Cheddar Cheese Curls
  • M&M's Fudge Brownie
  • Mexican Coca-Cola

    Mexican Coca-Cola


    355ml Glass Bottle  

  • Herr's Jalapeno Popper 198g

    Herr's Jalapeno Popper 198g


    These Herr's Jalapeno Poppers will knock you off your feet with the explosion of heat and cheesy flavour in each bite! You'll get a hit of spice an...

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  • Cheetos Flamin Hot 226g

    Cheetos Flamin Hot 226g


    Buy Cheetos Flamin' Hot Crunchy Australia Flamin' Hot Cheetos are SPICY! Don't say we didn't warn ya! These are perfect for enjoying any time, anyw...

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  • Funyuns Flamin' Hot 163g

    Funyuns Flamin' Hot 163g


    BUY FUNYUNS FLAMIN' HOT ONION RINGS AUSTRALIA BEST BEFORE 30/11/2020 These Flamin' Hot Funyuns will set your tastebuds alight and delight them as w...

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  • Doritos Cool Ranch 198g

    Doritos Cool Ranch 198g


    Cool Ranch Doritos will be an instant favourite at any party! These delicious tortilla chips are dusted with a zesty ranch powder that adds pizazz ...

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