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Fizzy and Sherbet

  • Mega Sour Cherries

    Mega Sour Cherries

    from $3.95

    Are sour candies never quite sour enough for you?! Do you LOVE that lip-puckering, tear-inducing feeling of a sour lolly? Well, you will not be di...

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  • Vimto



    BUY VIMTO AUSTRALIA Size: 330ML can Fizzy mixed fruit juice drink with flavouring, sugar and sweeteners. VIMTO INGREDIENTS Carbonated Water, Sugar...

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  • TNT Mega Sour Popping Candy Dip

    TNT Mega Sour Popping Candy Dip


    **This is for one packet and comes with all 3 flavours.

  • Pop Rocks Twin Strawberry & Cola
  • TNT Giant Sour Chew Blue Raspberry

    TNT Giant Sour Chew Blue Raspberry


    40g packet.  Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Dextrose, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Maize Starch, Food Acid (330), Flavours, Emulsifiers (471, 322),...

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  • Pop Rocks Magic Twin Strawberry
  • Paint Splash Single

    Paint Splash Single


    **This is for one item.

  • Pop Rocks Tutti Frutti Bubblegum 7g

    Pop Rocks Tutti Frutti Bubblegum 7g


    Kids love 'em. So do grownups, so make sure you have enough for everyone. These Pop Rocks fizz when you put them in your mouth, popping so loudly t...

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  • Conversation Hearts

    Conversation Hearts

    from $1.80

    These classic candies come with cute messages printed on them. Keep them for yourself or give them to a loved one! Sayings include: "Love" "Wink W...

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  • Swizzels Giant Fizzers
  • Big Baby Pop

    Big Baby Pop


    ***This is for one pop. These are mega sour lollies and come in Strawberry, Cola & Blue Raspberry. 

  • Giant Rainbow Sherbet Straw Single
  • Fizzers Cream Soda

    Fizzers Cream Soda

    from $0.60

    Cream Soda flavoured fizzers. YUM! The 100g bag is approximately 6-8 sticks.  Ingredients: Corn Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Acidity Regul...

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  • Fizzers Grape

    Fizzers Grape

    from $0.60

    These grape flavoured, fizzy, sweet chews will delight any candy lover! The 100g bag contains about 6-8 fizzers.  Ingredients:Glucose Syrup, Sugar...

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  • Fizzy Bars Strawberry

    Fizzy Bars Strawberry

    from $3.20

    The classic yoghurt bar has been upgraded! This strawberry chew is filled with a creamy yoghurt and then rolled in a delicious sour dust... Our mou...

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  • Sherbies 100g


    from $2.60

    BUY SHERBIES AUSTRALIA BEST BEFORE FOR 100G: 31/10/2020 Create smiles with ALLEN'S SHERBIES, the deliciously tangy orange flavoured chews with a f...

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  • Razzles Fizzles

    Razzles Fizzles


    Blueberry – Raspberry Lemon – Lime Apple – Grape Strawberry – Banana Orange – Pineapple Ingredients: Sugar, Gum Base, Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbo...

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  • Swizzels Candy Whistle

    Swizzels Candy Whistle


    You will be given a random flavour.

  • Candy Necklace

    Candy Necklace

    from $0.80

  • Fizzy Bars Strawberry-Raspberry

    Fizzy Bars Strawberry-Raspberry

    from $3.20

    The classic yoghurt bar has been upgraded! This strawberry and raspberry flavoured chew is filled with a creamy yoghurt and then rolled in a delici...

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  • Rocket Fizzers

    Rocket Fizzers

    from $2.80

  • Sour Strawberry & Blueberry Belts 100g

    Sour Strawberry & Blueberry Straps

    from $2.80

    Strawberry Blueberry Flavoured candy belts covered in Sugar glucose and fructose syrup, sugar, wheat flour, modified corn startch, acid reg 296, l...

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  • Strawberry Bricks

    Strawberry Bricks

    from $1.50

    Apart from the ants, we think a house made solely out of these is a great plan. Any time you get hungry or need a sugar fix just lick the walls. We...

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  • Magic Carpet

    Magic Carpet

    from $3.00