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Fizzy and Sherbet

  • TNT Giant Sour Chew Blue Raspberry

    TNT Giant Sour Chew Blue Raspberry

    Buy TNT Giant Sour Chew Blue Raspberry Australia 40g packet.  What's better than TNT Sour Chews? GIANT Sour Chews!! Yummy!! Buy TNT Giant Sour Chew...

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  • Pop Rocks Magic Twin Strawberry

    Pop Rocks Magic Twin Strawberry

    Buy Pop Rocks Magic Twin Strawberry Australia These delightful treats leave a popping sensation on your tongue and in your mouth... you HAVE to giv...

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  • Conversation Hearts
    from $1.80

    Conversation Hearts

    Buy Conversation Hearts Australia These classic candies come with cute messages printed on them. Keep them for yourself or give them to a loved on...

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  • Giant Rainbow Sherbet Straw Single

    Giant Rainbow Sherbet Straw Single

    Buy Giant Rainbow Sherbet Straw Single Australia 13g. These are great treats loved by both adults and kids.. you just can't go wrong! Buy Giant Rai...

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  • Fizzers Cream Soda
    from $0.60

    Fizzers Cream Soda

    Buy Fizzers Cream Soda Australia Cream Soda flavoured fizzers. YUM! Buy Fizzers Cream Soda online. The 100g bag is approximately 6-8 sticks.  Fizz...

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  • Sherbies 100g
    from $2.60


    Buy Sherbies Australia Create smiles with ALLEN'S SHERBIES, the deliciously tangy orange flavoured chews with a fizzy sherbet centre. Bite into one...

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  • Rocket Fizzers
    from $2.80

    Rocket Fizzers

    Buy Rocket Fizzers Australia These are a popular treat loved by both adults and children! These are perfect snacks to put in lolly bags or lunchbox...

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  • Sour Strawberry & Blueberry Belts 100g
    from $2.80

    Sour Strawberry & Blueberry Straps

    Buy Sour Strawberry & Blueberry Straps Australia Strawberry Blueberry Flavoured candy belts covered in Sugar. Buy Sour Strawberry & Blueber...

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  • Magic Carpet
    from $3.00

    Magic Carpet

    Buy Magic Carpet Lollies Australia These are fun rainbow snacks! Buy Magic Carpet lollies online. Order Magic Carpet Online Australia.

  • TNT Giant Sour Chew Multicolour Single

    TNT Giant Sour Chew Multicolour Single

    Buy TNT Giant Sour Chew Multicolour Single Australia **This is for one bar. Strawberry Flavoured.  These are absolutely delicious and a MUST TRY! B...

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  • Fizzers Sour Strawberry
    from $0.60

    Fizzers Sour Strawberry

    Buy Fizzers Sour Strawberry Australia  BEST BEFORE for 100g: 08/09/2021 These sour strawberry flavoured candies will fizzle and make your lips puc...

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  • Fizzy Bars Strawberry
    from $3.20

    Fizzy Bars Strawberry

    Buy Fizzy Bars Strawberry Australia The classic yoghurt bar has been upgraded! This strawberry chew is filled with a creamy yoghurt and then rolled...

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  • Vimto


    Buy Vimto Australia Size: 330ML can Fizzy mixed fruit juice drink with flavouring, sugar and sweeteners. Buy Vimto online. Vimto Ingredients Carbo...

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  • Swizzels Candy Whistle

    Swizzels Candy Whistle

    Buy Swizzels Candy Whistle Australia You will be given a random flavour. These are both entertaining and yummy!! Order Swizzels Candy Whistle Onlin...

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  • Love Heart Candy Lipstick

    Love Heart Candy Lipstick

    Buy Love Heart Candy Lipstick Australia You will be given a random flavour. Buy Love Heart Candy Lipstick online. Order Love Heart Candy Lipstick O...

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  • Strawberry Bricks
    from $1.50

    Strawberry Bricks

    Buy Strawberry Bricks Australia Apart from the ants, we think a house made solely out of these is a great plan. Any time you get hungry or need a s...

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  • Pop Rocks Twin Strawberry & Cola

    Pop Rocks Twin Strawberry & Cola

    Buy Pop Rocks Twin Strawberry & Cola Australia Pop Rocks are a party for your mouth! These delightful treats leave a popping sensation on your ...

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  • Dip Dab 23g
    Save 25%
    Original price $2.00
    Current price $1.50

    Dip Dab 23g

    BEST BEFORE 31/05/2021 Lemon flavour sherbet dip with a strawberry flavour lolly! Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Cornflour, Sodium Bicarbonate,...

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  • TNT Watermelon Sour Straps
    from $3.00

    TNT Watermelon Sour Straps

    Buy TNT Watermelon Sour Straps Australia This is a 1.4kg tub. These are a sour strap favourite! Which is your favourite flavour? Buy TNT Watermelon...

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  • Tilleys Sugared Rosey Apples
  • Pop Rocks Tutti Frutti Bubblegum 7g

    Pop Rocks Tutti Frutti Bubblegum 7g

    Buy Pop Rocks Tutti Frutti Bubblegum Australia Kids love 'em. So do grownups, so make sure you have enough for everyone. These Pop Rocks fizz when ...

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  • Fantasy Straps
    from $2.80

    Fantasy Straps

    Buy Fantasy Straps Australia These SUPER sour belts from candy legend Fini are not messing around! See how many you can handle eating at once befor...

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  • Double Dip

    Double Dip

    Buy Double Dip Australia A sachet of orange and cherry flavoured sherbet with a sugar swizzlestick for dunking! Get your sugar fix with Double Dip...

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  • Jelly Tots 42g
    Save 29%
    Original price $2.80
    Current price $2.00

    Jelly Tots 42g

    BUY JELLY TOTS AUSTRALIA BEST BEFORE 30/06/2021 Fruit Flavoured Jelly Sweets.  42g packet with approximately 21 pieces inside.  JELLY TOTS INGREDIE...

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