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Japanese Chocolate

Japanese Chocolate Online

Are you looking for Japanese Chocolate? We have a diverse range of chocolate from Japan. We have milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and lots of great Japanese chocolate brands such as Pocky and Nestle Kit Kat's.

Japanese Chocolate Delivered Australia Wide!

Our online lolly shop delivers Australia-wide! - Japanese chocolate Sydney, Japanese chocolate Brisbane,  Japanese chocolate Melbourne, Japanese  chocolate Perth. Check out our great range of Japanese chocolate below! 

  • Japanese Candy Pack

    Japanese Mystery Pack


    JAPANESE MYSTERY PACK AUSTRALIA By purchasing this pack you will receive a selection of our top selling Japanese items. These are wrapped with wrap...

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  • Pocky Almond

    Pocky Almond


    Chocolate Almond Crush Pocky sticks are a unique variation on the original Pocky idea. They are covered in rich chocolate cream, then dipped in cr...

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  • Kit Kat Green Tea

    Kit Kat Green Tea


    A delicious White Chocolate base with a Green Tea flavour. You can even create origami with the wrappers! Japanese Kit Kat  12 Mini Kit Kats in a P...

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  • Pocky Strawberry
    Sold out

    Pocky Strawberry


    Strawberry Pocky is an unique tasting biscuit-like cacao stick coated in sweet strawberry cream. Strawberry Pocky makes for a tasty snack that’s e...

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  • Pocky Chocolate
    Sold out

    Pocky Chocolate


    Chocolate pocky sticks are light, delicious biscuit-like cookies coated in sweet chocolate frosting. Chocolate pocky sticks make a perfect snack, ...

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  • Kit Kat Raspberry
  • Umaitama Chocolate
    Save 20%

    Umaitama Chocolate

    Original price $2.50
    Current price $2.00

    BEST BEFORE: 28/02/2020 A crispy snack ball filled with chocolate.    

  • Pocky Thin Chocolate

    Pocky Thin Chocolate


    This contains 2 packets inside.

  • Kit Kat Minis Strawberry
    Sold out
  • Kit Kat Tangerine

    Kit Kat Tangerine


    12 Mini Kit Kats in a packet

  • Kit Kat Minis Party Ice Cream

    Kit Kat Minis Party Ice Cream


    Ice cream flavoured white chocolate.

  • Kit Kat Mini Custard Pudding
    Sold out

    Kit Kat Mini Custard Pudding


    Enjoy your Kit Kat baked! Chill your Kit-Kat bars in a freezer for an hour. Bake in oven for around 2 minutes or until brown. 

  • Chocolate Potato Chips
    Sold out
  • Kit Kat Mini Sweet Potato
    Sold out
  • Pocky Large White Peach & Strawberry
    Sold out

    Pocky Large White Peach & Strawberry


    Strawberry flavoured stick covered in white peach flavoured chocolate. This comes with 4 bags inside.

  • KIt Kat Minis Daifuku Strawberry
  • Kit Kat Yogurt Nuts & Cranberry

    Kit Kat Yogurt Nuts & Cranberry


    Chocolate mixed with yogurt, almonds, raspberries & cranberries.

  • Kit Kat Minis Ikinari Dango

    Kit Kat Minis Ikinari Dango


    Ikinari Dango are steamed buns filled with bean paste and sweet potato. A speciality from Kumamoto Prefecture.

  • Meltykiss Strawberry
  • KIt Kat Mini Chocolate Orange
  • Pocky Green Tea Deluxe Edition
  • Kit Kat Mini Chestnut