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Sour Lollies

Sour Lollies Online!

We stock all of the famous Sour Lollie products including Sour War Heads, Sour Jacks and Sour Mike and Ike just to name a few. Get your Sour Lollies online at Joy's Delights.

Sour Lollies Delivered Australia Wide!

Our chocolate and candy store delivers Sour Candy Australia-wide! - Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth. Check out our Sour Sweets products below!

  • Fini Unicorn Balls

    Fini Unicorn Balls

    Sour Unicorn Balls are a caramelo candy with a sour coating on the outside and a sherbet filling.... Yum! Gluten Free 

  • TNT Giant Sour Chew Blue Raspberry

    TNT Giant Sour Chew Blue Raspberry

    Buy TNT Giant Sour Chew Blue Raspberry Australia 40g packet.  What's better than TNT Sour Chews? GIANT Sour Chews!! Yummy!! Buy TNT Giant Sour Chew...

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  • Trolli Sour Mandarin
    from $1.50

    Trolli Sour Mandarin

    Buy Trolli Sour Mandarin Australia These are amazing treats to put out at a party or gathering. Buy Trolli Sour Mandarin online. Order Trolli So...

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  • Trolli Super Sour Bears
    from $1.50

    Trolli Super Sour Bears

    Buy Trolli Super Sour Bears Australia BEST BEFORE for 300g & 150g: 17/07/2020 These are SUPER SOUR and very yummy! Buy Trolli Super Sour Bears ...

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  • Sour Strawberry & Blueberry Belts 100g
    from $2.80

    Sour Strawberry & Blueberry Straps

    Buy Sour Strawberry & Blueberry Straps Australia Strawberry Blueberry Flavoured candy belts covered in Sugar. Buy Sour Strawberry & Blueber...

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  • Magic Carpet
    from $3.00

    Magic Carpet

    Buy Magic Carpet Lollies Australia These are fun rainbow snacks! Buy Magic Carpet lollies online. Order Magic Carpet Online Australia.

  • Candy Sours 15g

    Candy Sours 15g

    Buy Candy Sours Australia Candy Sours are exactly what they sound like! These tiny sour little hard candies are packaged in a mini milk carton, mak...

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  • Fini Roller Fantasy

    Fini Roller Fantasy

    Buy Fini Roller Fantasy Australia Fizzy Fruit Flavoured Candy Belt. Buy Fini Roller Fantasy online. Fini Roller Fantasy Ingredients Glucose &a...

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  • TNT Giant Sour Chew Multicolour Single

    TNT Giant Sour Chew Multicolour Single

    Buy TNT Giant Sour Chew Multicolour Single Australia **This is for one bar. Strawberry Flavoured.  These are absolutely delicious and a MUST TRY! B...

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  • Sour Watermelon Sharks
    from $1.50

    Sour Watermelon Sharks

    Buy Sour Watermelon Sharks Australia BEST BEFORE: 24/02/2021 These are SOUR snacks that are amazing for on the go! Easy to grab a handful when head...

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  • Fizzers Sour Strawberry
    from $0.60

    Fizzers Sour Strawberry

    Buy Fizzers Sour Strawberry Australia  BEST BEFORE for 100g: 08/09/2021 These sour strawberry flavoured candies will fizzle and make your lips puc...

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  • Fini Watermelon Sour Straps
    from $2.80

    Fini Watermelon Sour Straps

    Buy Fini Watermelon Sour Straps Australia These tasty sour watermelon straps are red and green in colour and they taste great too! Buy Fini Waterm...

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  • Fini Roller Watermelon

    Fini Roller Watermelon

    Buy Fini Roller Watermelon Australia Fizzy Watermelon Flavoured Candy Belt. Buy Fini Roller Watermelon online. Fini Roller Watermelon Ingredients ...

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  • Sour Tongues
    from $1.50

    Sour Tongues

    These are made by Kingsway in the UK.

  • Camel Balls

    Camel Balls

    CAMEL BALLS AUSTRALIA This bubble gum with a sour liquid centre not only has a hilarious name, it is also delicious!! Gluten Free CAMEL BALLS INGRE...

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  • Cavendish Sour Cherry Drops Tin

    Cavendish Sour Cherry Drops Tin

    Buy Cavendish Sour Cherry Drops Tin Australia A yummy and delightful treat to enjoy after a long day. Buy Cavendish Sour Cherry Drops Tin online. O...

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  • TNT Multicolour Sour Straps Wrapped Single

    TNT Multicolour Sour Straps Wrapped Single

    Buy TNT Multicolour Sour Straps Wrapped Australia ***This is for one packet. These are SOUR and very yummy! How many can you fit in your pocket?? B...

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  • TNT Sour Spray Blue Raspberry
  • TNT Sour Spray Strawberry

    TNT Sour Spray Strawberry

    Sour Liquid that you can spray right into your mouth.  Water, sugar, food acid (330), potassium sorbate (202) as preservative, flavours, colors (E1...

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  • Cry Baby Bubblegum

    Cry Baby Gum Ball Single

    Buy Cry Baby Gum Ball Australia Cry Baby Bubble Gum is the original extra sour bubble gum. Flavours include sour lemon, cherry, apple, berry and o...

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  • Razzles Sour

    Razzles Sour

    The magical world of candy is neverending. Behold, the sorcery that is Razzles, first candy then gum! Mind = Blown!  Ingredients: sugar, gum base, ...

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  • Sour Fruity Fries
  • Strawberry Bricks
    from $1.50

    Strawberry Bricks

    Buy Strawberry Bricks Australia Apart from the ants, we think a house made solely out of these is a great plan. Any time you get hungry or need a s...

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  • Big League Chew - Swingin' Sour Apple

    Big League Chew Swingin' Sour Apple

    Buy Big League Chew Swingin' Sour Apple Australia BEST BEFORE 10/10/2021 Pretend to be in the big leagues with Big League Chew Swingin' Sour Apple...

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